Microwave Cover Reduces Stress When Entertaining Guests

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(Newswire.net — January 1, 2015) Sanford , Florida — Entertaining guests can be a very stressful time for a host/hostess. Although entertaining and hosting friends and family is suppose to be a joyous and fun event, it is normally a lot of work. When entertaining guests, majority of the time food is involved and when food is involved, one thing the host/hostess has to ensure is that the food stays warm. This can prove to be a very difficult task if there are many different dishes involved. TopBPAFree has the solution with their versatile microwave cover.


The microwave cover has a vented steam release feature that is opened when used in the microwave, then it can be closed and put on the warmed plate of food to keep the food warm. Therefore it can be moved from the microwave directly to the table. Not only is this a quick and easy solution, but it is also very cost effective because only one device is needed for inside and outside the microwave. 


When entertaining with a large group of people, many times the host or hostess prepares many dishes, a main dish as well as side dishes, which all need to stay warm and the same time. This is almost impossible unless you have a kitchen gadget that solves this problem, and the microwave cover from TopBpaFree.com is the best solution.


Many times hosts/hostess have to spend time re-warming food over and over like a vicious never ending cycle. This not only causes stress to the host/hostess but also causes the entire entertaining event to normally extend long paste the planned timeframe. With the use of the microwave cover, the host/hostess has one less thing they will stress out about because the food will stay warm until ready and the guests will be pleasantly surprised.

“I love that this microwave cover can be used for more than just inside the microwave. I use it to keep food warm on the table and to keep flies off dishes when we are eating outside” says Rose, a satisfied customer.

“We designed our microwave cover to be used for more than just the microwave, therefore it is very handy and cost effective because it can be used to cover food in the microwave, keep food warm, and to keep off flies. The feedback from customers has been great.” says Monika, a company representative.

TopBPAFree.com provides BPA free kitchen solutions for consumer’s everyday needs from microwave covers to microwave dinner plates with lids. TopBPAFree.com is sold exclusively on Amazon.com through the online storefront, Monika’s Marketplace.



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