Fusion One Marketing Offers New Social Media Service

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(Newswire.net — December 29, 2014) Birmingham, AL Posting on social media is time consuming and demanding, and it often interferes with your other job responsibilities.  Fusion One can tweet and post for your company on a schedule that suits your company’s needs and budget.  Fusion One’s experts monitor the latest social media trends and technology, eliminating the need for you to keep up with hashtags, memes, and other constantly changing algorithms and tools on which effective social media marketing relies for success.   Fusion One can offer a variety of social media packages that will allow you to review and edit content and add your own posts prior to postings.  If you prefer to be relieved of all posting responsibilities, they will handle daily postings with only an all-okay from you.  Fusion One will ensure that postings are interesting and informative, and they will research and report current facts, tips and trivia related to your specific industry.  

Many small and mid-size businesses are reluctant to have someone outside their company take responsibility for their social marketing.  They tend to view outside help as expensive and largely unnecessary.  The reality is that neither perception is true.  Effective and timely social media marketing can help you reach more customers more effectively and move your business ahead of its competitors.  Your customers are using social media to find the products and services they need, for personal use and for their businesses.  Savvy customers also expect to see your company involved in frequent social media postings as evidence of assertive branding and as a sign of credibility within your industry.

If customers are unable to find your company’s products and services on-line, they will give their business to someone else.  Being available via your Internet website is not enough to ensure that customers will find you.   If your company website is not easy to find, customers are unlikely to locate and purchase your products and services.  More importantly, your company’s products and services must show up on page 1.  More than half of consumers select the first non-paid link at the top of the list of search results.  If your company is listed beyond the first three pages of search results, it has only a one in four chance of selection by the customer who is searching for your company.  Fusion One excels in using the most current and effective search engine optimization techniques so that your business gets the best possible listing among search results.  Fusion One also knows how to effectively include multiple key words in your website text and in postings so that your company and its products and services can be easily found under a wide variety of search terms.  Royalty-free images can also be added to complement your web pages and to routinely refresh your site.

Fusion One Marketing has added social media marketing campaign services to its wide variety of logo and website design and SEO optimization offerings.  In combination with traditional marketing services, Fusion One is now able to offer a broad and comprehensive line of integrated marketing products and tools specifically designed to meet the needs of small and mid-size businesses and to optimize the success of their marketing efforts.


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