ProTex Uses Most Secure DMP 2-Way Systems

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( — January 5, 2015) Cedar Park, Texas — ProTex Technologies, a home and business security and technology company in the Central Texas area, announced recently that the company uses the most secure DMP 2-way systems, making it virtually impossible to be hacked. As a home security business, ProTex is committed to providing safety and peace of mind to customers. As technology advances, ProTex has developed more ways for clients to sync and secure homes.  Customers can now control temperature, appliances and other home utilities remotely, with the touch a button.  Even home entertainment centers can be programmed into the company’s systems, making entertaining a breeze.

With the growing capabilities of modern technology come more serious concerns about hackers and security breaches. ProTex is pleased to announce the use of DMP 2-way wireless technology, the most secure and inaccessible system on today’s market.  This technology prevents hackers by using a process known as frequency hopping. By constantly changing channels, the system cannot be compromised by hackers, ensuring security of providers and customers alike.  Most other providers use one-way technology, leaving the system vulnerable to attacks.

Hackers across the world create security breaches drawing in media attention across the country. A recent story run by ABC news highlighted the problem with breaches in home security systems as well as business security hackers. Homeowners who are serious about security have found ultimate protection from hackers with the ProTex Technologies DMP 2-way systems that promise to prevent any breaches in security both within the home and business environment.

According to statistics, breaches for home and business security are as high as ever; this puts good people at risk for loss of business and personal safety. Security experts recommend that informed families and professionals implement the most reliable security technology on the market in order to best match the technical capacity of those waiting to do harm. Being prepared and protected is a responsibility no one can afford to neglect. For more information on how the Pro Tex Technologies security system can protect any home or business, contact the team of experts with ProTex Technologies today by visiting the website at:

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ProTex Technologies is a values-based company who provides, installs, and maintains business and home security systems and technology solutions as if they were for members of their own family. We live in a broken world where bad things happen to good people and ProTex Technologies recognizes their responsibility to protect homes and businesses with the best possible technical solutions.


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