Silicone Baking Mat from Fortis Receives Coveted 5-Star Ratings

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( — January 9, 2015) Manalapan, NJ — This has been evidenced by the high number of positive reviews and five star ratings from customers, the highest rating on Amazon, which is reserved only for high quality products.


With more than 95% of all customers giving the product a full five stars, this would indicate a high level of satisfaction with the baking mats, which are known as The Art of Cooking Baking Mats. Among the many features of the product which have been highlighted include the fact that it eliminates the need for greasing and using parchment paper, along with the fact that it also fits any size sheet pan.


Many of the customers who have left favorable reviews have alluded to these features and a number of benefits that the silicone baking mats present. “Never used silicone mats before. Just got them, tried them and I love them. They make baking so much easier. No need for oils and further clean up. Wish I had done this long ago. I baked cookies and they didn’t stick. Everything just slides off them,” said Julie B in a verified Amazon review.


Many other users of the product have expressed similar sentiments with some even going as far as to say that the silicone baking mats will replace other bakeware they previously used. “I plan on making these baking mats a staple in my kitchen, no more need for greasing pans or using foil and parchment paper,” said Ruthie Hart, another verified Amazon reviewer.


Fortis Production’s Art of Cooking silicone baking mats are made from FDA-approved materials that have passed a number of quality and safety tests. They are also BPA free and are safe for the oven, microwave and freezer. In addition to saving money that would be spent on buying other baking products, they are also considered to be healthier in that they prevent the use of byproducts such as oil and butter which would add to the calorie count of baked treats.


The silicone baking mats are currently available on Amazon and come with a lifetime guarantee on all purchases.


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