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(Newswire.net — January 9, 2015) Oshawa, Ontario — Oshawa, ON — Christine Ordanis, a naturopathic doctor practicing at the Taunton Chiropractic and Wellness Centre in Oshawa, Ontario, was recently interviewed about the role nutrition and diet play in overall health.  According to Dr. Ordanis, there are several easy ways to choose nutritious foods that help maintain an appropriate weight and support overall good health.


Naturopaths take a multi-cultural approach to medicine that includes alternative health methods and remedies, according to Dr. Ordanis.  “All naturopathic doctors are trained in Chinese medicine and acupuncture,” she says.  This multicultural approach includes European, Asian, South American and North American medical techniques.  Naturopaths also use certain herbs and supplements in place of drugs.


Dr. Ordanis says, “I think that in North America especially, the root of all disease is inflammation and certain pH balance in the body, as well as micronutrient deficiencies to a large degree.”  In order to fight this inflammation and maintain a good pH balance, she suggests a simple approach to choosing the right foods.


This approach includes two important points: Choosing foods that are bright in color and avoiding processed foods.  Foods that contain high levels of vitamins and minerals often have bright colors, so Dr. Ordanis suggests choosing daily food choices from foods that are red, orange, yellow, blue and green, such as fresh fruits and vegetables.  Additionally, choosing foods that are not heavily processed is much easier on the liver, making these foods better for the body and avoiding inflammation and digestive problems.


According to Dr. Ordanis, “In general you will have more energy, you’ll likely have better moods, especially for women, although men are definitely affected as well; and our hormones tend to be more in balance if we’re eating properly for our body. Certainly as age-related degeneration goes, bone density, muscle mass, thought-processes, weight management is a huge bonus to eating properly.”


For more information on eating properly and choosing the right supplements, visit Dr. Ordanis at Taunton Chiropractic and Wellness Centre in Oshawa.

About Christine Ordanis:  Christine Ordanis is a naturopath in Oshawa, Ontario, who advocates for healthy living through proper diet, exercise and the use of quality herbal & vitamin supplements as part of a healthy lifestyle.  

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