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(Newswire.net — January 13, 2015) Springfield, MO — Yarbrough Industries, a leading fabrication, machining and hydraulics company providing services in the Springfield, Missouri area, is a member of the Missouri Association of Manufacturers.  As a certified member of MAM, Yarbrough is held to a high standard of business operations.  Customers can rest assured that as a member of the Missouri Association of Manufacturers, Yarbrough Industries is up to date on the most current trends, training and technological advances in the manufacturing industry.  The company participates in regular workshops and seminars that educate manufacturers on product safety, quality and customer service and satisfaction. 

An additional benefit of being a member of the Missouri Association of Manufacturers is that MAM advocates for members and ensures that legislation and regulation does not overburden manufacturing companies.  Manufacturers in the United States are subject to high taxes, energy costs, health care and strict government legislation that leads to additional financial burdens often get passed on to the consumer in higher products prices.  This puts American manufacturers at a serious financial disadvantage as compared to competitors in the foreign manufacturing market.  The Missouri Association of Manufacturer’s commitment to advocating for members saves the Yarbrough Industries and other companies on costs and keeps retail prices affordable for customers needing fabrication, machining and hydraulic services.


Yarbrough Industries is a machining, fabrication and hydraulics company that has doing business in Springfield and Southwest Missouri.  Customer loyalty at Yarbrough Industries is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing customers with quality products, experienced team members and customer satisfaction.  Yarbrough Industries has access to a network of resources and can provide customers with a variety of fabrication, machining and hydraulic parts and brands at the most affordable prices available.  The company’s team of skilled technicians are trained in the most up to date manufacturing techniques and products.

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