High Infidelity Rates Soar Online

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The book, and movie soon to be released in February this year tells the story of Anastasia Steele and the appealing Christian Gray as they appreciate a sub-dom relationship focused around conquest and discipline.


Chief online issues administration for an online dating website has seen an immense spike in its UK and USA female enrolment since the alleged “mummy porn” wonder has turned into the worthy face of sexual fiction.


Noel Biderman, CEO of the infamous wedded dating site, said: “Our parts let us know that they sign up to our site on the grounds that despite everything they cherish their life partner yet they generally won’t appreciate a satisfying sexual association with them, for whatever reason.”


Fifty Shades of Gray was distributed in June 2011 and has sold more than one million duplicates on Kindle, with online retailers Amazon say that the Kindle version has been beating the print book at a rate of more than two to one.


Noel included: “It’s no fortuitous event that generally as most of the book’s deals are through tablets so individuals can appreciate erotica carefully, those same individuals have joined our watchful site to discover somebody with whom they can encounter the dreams they’ve perused about and now hope for.”


As news of the book’s currently standard offer spread, with in excess of 200,000 duplicates sold jameshallison clubhouse a week ago, a married dating site has seen its female participation climb by half every day. Noel Biderman from Ashley Madison  was so captivated by this he surveyed 2,700 of the new female members and 72% expressed they read or are presently perusing the book. 

Extra part overview results demonstrated:


  •            82% said they feel more sexual than at any other time and need to investigate a mixed bag of new, more sensual sexual       encounters
  •            68% said in the wake of perusing Fifty Shades of Gray they needed to investigate a docile/subjugation sexual relationship
  •            62% said they dreaded their spouse would be stunned in the event that they requested that them investigate easygoing/subjugation sexual relationship


Noel said: “This isn’t the first run through what may be termed a “popular society” occasion has brought about a spike in our participation numbers – Tiger Woods’ different acts of unfaithfulness and Jude Law deceiving with his babysitter all had individuals running to our site – however at no other time has a book been in charge of our increasing new parts.


“My guess is that in addition to wanting more exciting sex, the book has made women realize that there is a real thrill to being served by an established man who knows exactly how to pleasure a woman.  Something that is thought to be taboo is obviously a very potent attraction

The infamous site reveals exactly what the average cheating dad is like – a father in IT, in his 40s, married for over 10 years and with 2 children. The survey profiled ‘cheating fathers’ who are signed up and seeking extra-marital affairs on AshleyMadison.com – of its online casinos male members 76.5% are fathers.


AshleyMadison.com surveyed 11,453 fathers using the service, revealing a detailed picture of their lifestyle including:

 ·      Age: Most likely to be in their 40s

 ·      Profession: Most likely to work in IT (10.6%), followed by Financial Industry (8.2%), Education (6.5%), Doctors (4.6%) and Lawyers (3.8%)

 ·      Children: two ( 44.6%), more than 4 (12.2)

 ·      Married: Over 10 years (65.4%) / Less than a year (5.9%)

 ·      Affairs: 26.4% have had 6 or more encounters


The survey also revealed the reasons for seemingly happily married dads to seek extra-marital affairs, with 32.8% of men admitting they do so because they’re stuck in a sexless marriage and 29.7% doing it for a new sense of adventure.

Every year, AshleyMadison.com confirms that 3-5 times more men sign up to the service the day after Father’s Day.  Biderman says that based on historic signups and these survey results, he expects another record number of new members this Father’s Day.

source http://statisticsoninfidelity.com/


Cheaters Have Higher Risk for STDs than People in ‘Open’ Relationships!

Individuals who undermine their accomplices are more prone to have risky sex than those in open connections who don’t have to conceal their sexual straying, another study finds.


In the study, individuals in monogamous connections who undermined their accomplices were less inclined to utilize condoms, and more averse to talk about their history of sexually transmitted illnesses (Stds) amid their sexual straying contrasted and individuals in open connections who had intercourse with somebody other than their essential accomplice, the scientists said.


The results propose the individuals who are unfaithful have a higher danger of gaining a sexually transmitted ailment, and conceivably transmitting it to their accomplice, than those in open connections, the scientists said.


Terri Conley, of the department of psychology at the University of Michigan, and colleagues surveyed 308 individuals in monogamous relationships, and 493 people in open relationships who have an agreement with their partner that monogamy is not required.

All participants in both groups had had sex outside their primary relationship. Participants were asked about the safe sex practices they used in their last sexual encounter outside their primary relationship.


The researchers found that 48 percent of unfaithful people reported using a condom during their sexual digression, compared with 66 percent of individuals in an open relationship.


In addition, 34 percent of unfaithful individuals reported talking about their sexual history and previous STD testing before engaging in sex, compared with 63 percent of those in open relationships.


The cheaters were also less likely to cover or sterilize sex toys before using them, compared with those in open relationships.

Previous research has shown unfaithful people do not accurately perceive the effect their cheating will have on their partners’ mental health, and the new results suggest those who cheat also misperceive, or do not accept, the physical health risks of sex outside their relationship, the researchers said.


Health practitioners “may consider encouraging their monogamous patients to discuss specific definitions of monogamy, and to form a plan for coping with lapses from these agreements,” the researchers wrote in their study, published March 29 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

“Such a plan may facilitate sharing of appropriate health information among members of the couples, and thus prevent further spread of [STDs].”


Pass it on:  Cheating not only increases the risk of mental health problems for those in the relationship, it also increases the risk of STD infection. source http://www.livescience.com/36242-cheating-unsafe-sex-open-relationship-std-risk.html


“We  make no judgment on individual reasons why people cheat, or have affairs.  We just want people to be safe using our condoms.  Discrete and safe for those who choose to live they way they want”. Says owner of an amazon online shop Condom-queen.com  Loyalty is a virtue but when sex leaves a marriage and one decides do use discrete outsourcing, the absolutle last thing you need to worry about is the fear of sharing an STD with your loved one.  We are not here to approve, condone or make judgement!

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