Gunnar Optiks Rated as the Best Computer Glasses Provider

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( — January 21, 2015) Los Angeles, CA — Gunnar Optiks has been rated the best computer glasses provider in the market today. Using Gunnar technology, Gunnar computer glasses offers superior eye protection against the radiation and harm brought by extended period of computer viewing. Gunnar computer glasses are designed and created to provide the eyes with protection against environmental factors that causes individuals vision problems.

Many people of today spend most of their time using computer, may it be at work or at home. Extended period of time working in front of computer and other devices causes eye fatigue. The eyes may be subject to harsh intensity blue light and glare from viewing on screens which results to visual stress irritation and headache. To sum it up, long hours of using computer can cause visual problems that may lead to computer eye strain syndrome.

Gunnar Optiks creates a solution to those people who spend long hours in front of their computer. The company had engineered advanced computer glasses that help computers ease eye fatigue and improve their computer viewing experience even at lengthy period of time. They also have advanced gaming and outdoor eyewear for everyone.

Gunnar uses technology based materials to all of their eyewear products. Their computer eyewear increases the contrast, focus and comfort of users while minimizing their visual stress and eye fatigue after long hour of staring at digital screens. Their products are powered by i-AMP lens technology that comprises propriety lens material in an advanced shape and is finished with custom formulated lens coatings and tints. The eyewear product is made with i-AMP technology to effectively reduce eye strain. It helps the eye focus naturally without the worry of eye stress and strain. With less visual stain, the eyes can focus well, which also lead to users’ improved productivity.

Gunnar computer eyewear has advanced lens coatings, tint and curvature that combat environment harmful to the eyes like the harsh blue lights and glare from fluorescent and other devices and ambient currents that cause the eyes to dry out. Its ultra-pure lens material offer users with sharper and cleared vision. Gunnar Optiks are also prescription compatible. Their prescription lens program is administered and supported by worldwide leader in prescription optics, Carl Zeiss Vision. Users of the product says that they have experienced improves of screen viewing and reduction in their eye strain with Gunnar Optiks computer eyewear. “I can now use my computer for hours without feeling and strain,” said one computer eyewear user.


Gunnar Optiks provides computer eyewear that is available on Amazon.

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