Krill Oil Found To Increase Libido and Improve Sex Drive

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( — January 25, 2015)  — A new report and video from titled Krill Oil And Libido: Improved Sex Drive provides specific information detailing the sexual health benefits omega-3 from krill oil provides to both men and women.  Researchers estimate that over 40% of women and 30% of men suffer from low libido, with many turning to unproven prescription medication for help.  However, new findings indicate that the powerful omega-3 and antioxidant components of high quality krill oil are more effective at improving low sex drive than medications most often prescribed by doctors.

Health issues, age, stress, and diet all contribute to declining sex drive.  Over time, each of these issues affect the ability to enjoy a healthy sex life.  Many supplements and prescription drugs are prescribed to “cure” low libido; however, most provide a temporary fix to a very serious problem. Krill oil improves libido and sex drive.

Krill oil contains substantial amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, specifically EPA and DHA, which improve heart health and blood flow.  The omega-3s and antioxidents in krill oil also contribute to increased production of dopamine in the brain.  Health improvements to the heart and brain directly affect a person’s sex drive, improving libido and sexual function.

Krill oil is also recommended as one of the premier ways to reduce inflammation throughout the body.  Inflammation is harmful as it caused pain and performance issues in the muscles, including those related to sex and reproduction.  

Sexual health benefits provided by krill oil include increased libido in both men and women, improved processing of testosterone in men, increased blood flow to the genitals, and a decreased risk of prostate cancer.

Low libido and poor sexual health can be improved with high qualtiy krill oil.  The new article and video from provides detailed information for consumers to make the best choice when it comes to krill oil to improve sexual health.

The complete Krill Oil And Libido: Improved Sex Drive  article and video are available at is also sharing a free downloadable ebook titled 5 Foods That Fight Internal Inflammation.  The 34-page free download provides information to prevent harmful inflammation and further improve sexual health and performance; the downloads available at

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