Researching Hazardous Garden Hose Materials Leads to Innovation

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( — January 27, 2015) Belleville, ON — Most kids have a habit of drinking water from their garden hose in the summertime. Adults are guilty of it too. Unfortunately, these summer experiences might come with toxic chemicals like bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates, lead and even flame retardants. This was revealed in one of the latest tests conducted by the Ecology Center in Ann Arbor, MI.

“There are organic gardeners trying to do everything right… avoiding fertilizers and pesticides, and still spray harmful substances onto the soil by using untested hose products.” says Jeff Gearhart, Director of Research at the Ecology Center.

More than 33% of the garden hoses tested by the Ecology Center contained levels of lead that exceeded the safe levels for children. Lead is a neuro-toxin and affects the nervous system of children. Children are more vulnerable to lead poisoning than adults. In fact, garden hoses are not regulated by the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). 

“Most people are convinced that flowing water passing through a hose is safe and chemicals leech when the hose is left full out in the sun. Obviously one is worse then the other but both are dangerous.” notes Roger Walsh, Inventor of the Clear Flow Hoses, a line of eco-friendly and recyclable garden products.

“Why not avoid both?” Walsh adds. 

Walsh’s Clear Flow™ Garden Hose is an innovative drinking water safe hose. The hose and fittings are made of polyurathane, NSF approved materials. It is a self discharge hose which ejects any water left in the hose once the water source is shut off. It is a product that is leading the charge in terms of safety and health and the testimonials on Amazon call it the best garden hose.

With Gearhart and Walsh implementing their research, drinking from a garden hose can still be a passed on tradition. 


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