Falconi Energy Offers Six Reasons to Use Oil Heat

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(Newswire.net — January 29, 2015) Southborough, MA — With prices plummeting, the spotlight is back on oil. But, when it comes to oil heat, things have changed over the last 20 years. Oil heat consumers today are using millions fewer gallons than a generation ago. New oil heat technology produces efficiency ratings that exceed 92 percent and the systems are eco-friendly.

Falconi Energy, a leading supplier of premium heating oil and other quality fuels and a full-service heating and cooling company based in Southborough, MA, offers six reasons to use oil heat. 

1. Oil heat is economical. According to Jim Falconi, who is second generation at the helm of the 80 year-old Falconi Energy company, “In 25 out of the last 32 years, oil has been less expensive than natural gas and when you adjust for inflation, oil heat is less expensive now than it was in 1980.”

2. It’s safe. Heating oil does not burn in a liquid state and is non-explosive, unlike natural gas.

3. Oil heat is clean. Oil heat burns 95 percent cleaner today than 25 years ago, with fewer emissions than ever. The new oil heat products earn EPA’s Energy Star® endorsement.

4. It’s efficient. New equipment and advanced technologies have made oil heat the most efficient source of heat, up to 95 percent efficient.

5. Oil heat is dependable. With over 40 countries producing crude oil, you can depend on plenty of supply for the present and the future.

6. It’s comfortable and reliable.

Falconi continued, “There was a time when new home buyers wouldn’t consider purchasing a home with oil heat, and homeowners who had oil heat were looking to convert to natural gas. But heating systems fueled by oil have improved drastically. Now, they are highly efficient and economical with fewer emissions than ever.”

Falconi Energy offers oil and natural gas Service Plans which also helps customers save on fuel costs and includes an annual system tune-up, on-call 24/7 emergency service, a 30 percent discount on parts and labor and a safety check. To learn more about products and services offered, visit www.falconienergy.com.

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