Cost of Tankless Water Heaters Reduced by Noritz Revolutionary New EZTR40

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( — January 31, 2015) Atlanta, Georgia — Atlanta Tankless Water Heaters has introduced the revolutionary new tankless water heater, the Noritz EZTR40 to the Atlanta marketplace.  Unlike any other tankless water heater before it, the EZTR40 can easily be installed to replace a 40 gallon traditional hot water heater in a 2 bathroom home in Atlanta. It has been designed to use the existing water lines, vent line and the same 1/2″ gas line that were connected to the original traditional tank hot water heater.


69% of all water heaters will rupture suddenly and fail according to the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety, with the vast majority of them flooding homes when they are between 10 and 12 years old.  The Noritz EZTR40 gives homeowners the option of installing a tankless water heater in response to such an unplanned emergency that has a life expectancy in most cases of about 25 years, more then double that of the traditional hot water heater.  With a tankless water heater there is no threat of a hot water heater leaking, because it doesn’t store any water.  It heats the water as it goes through the heat exchanger in the unit as the water is demanded.  For this reason you never run out of hot water. While the concept of endless hot water and the elimination of the threat of a 50 gallon tank flooding the home is appealing to most homeowners, the cost of the tankless water heater kept many from installing one when it came time for their water heater replacement.  Until now, most tankless water heaters were considered a bit of a luxury item.  That changes with this latest innovation from Noritz. 


“Noritz is the first and only tankless water heater manufacturer to offer all these features that make the tankless replacement job more intuitive and straightforward – and therefore quicker and less costly,” says Noritz Marketing Manager Jason Fleming.  “With the EZRT40, plumbing installers and their customers get the benefitss of time savings and installation ease with all the energy and space-saving advantages of tankless.”


“The tankless marketplace finally has an affordable, right here, right now answer for the 134,000 water heater failures that occur in the greater metro Atlanta area each year” said J. Marie Kenny of Atlanta Tankless Water Heaters.  “Even with the benefits of tankless water heaters providing endless hot water at a much lower cost of operation per month, the up front costs of purchase and installation has made the choice to go tankless nonviable for some Atlanta homeowners.  The EZTR40 changes all that and can typically be installed for just under or just over $2,000.  With the financing plans available, an Atlanta homeowner with a hot water heater leaking and getting ready to rupture and burst, doesn’t have to pay anything at all for the first twelve months.  They can pay it off interest free in 12 months or simply adopt a payment plan such as one for $63 per month and have it paid off in four years.”    






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