The US Army Uses Paintball Guns To Enhance The Realism Of Training For Reserves

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( — February 1, 2015)  — Paintball enthusiasts can now acquire the military-grade paintball guns used in the US Army Reserves training by visiting

US Army Reserves are mandated to have 29 days of training every year in order to keep their skills up-do-date. The training, which is referred to as Annual Training (AT) is broken up into periodic bootcamps which last between 2 to 5 days each. The culmination of the training is a battlefield reenactment where the reserves practice battlefield maneuvers. 

Under normal circumstances, the battlefield maneuvers are implemented with the aid of the electronic Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES). Using system, the reserves carry guns which fire blank rounds. The guns emit a laser beam which triggers a sensor which is attached to every reservist to detect a “hit”.

However, Capt. Jessica Smothers, the commander of the Company A, 1/321st Infantry Regiment feels that MILES doesn’t offer a rich-enough battlefield experience. So, together with her training team, she has decided to carry out her tactical maneuvers using paintball guns. In an interview with the US Army Official website, one of her trainers, Sgt. Matthew Nelson, said 

“It’s always better to have something that’s going to actually hit you instead of blank rounds. With the blanks you don’t know, but with the paintball you’re going to get hit and it reminds you of the difference between cover and concealment.”

In the inaugural training session carried out on a recreation course at Charleston Air Force Base, the teams were taken through their maneuvers using paintball guns as weapons. One of the trainees, Spc. Matthew Morgan, hailed the use of paintball guns. He told the US Army Official website: “Being able to see the rounds drop around you, gives you a better, more realistic idea of what happens.” [on the battlefield] (

The US Army is by no means the only military force to use paintball guns in one way or another. In 2010, when Israeli Commandos stormed the Gaza-bound Flotilla, their primary weapons were paintball guns. Their aim was to scare off the activists on board, and inflict minor injuries. Since the paintball guns looked like actual guns, they hoped the activists would be subdued without having to resort to lethal force.

The utilization of paintball guns by military forces is evidence of the fact that the guns are now being made to mimic real tactical weapons. For paintball enthusiasts, this is a gem. It means that they can now enjoy their paintball games using real military-style weapons.

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