5 Reasons NOT To Take Her On a Romantic Valentines’ Getaway

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(Newswire.net — February 5, 2015) Lake Geneva, WI — Lazy Cloud Inn, A Lake Geneva Hotel shares 5 reasons to NOT take her away for Valentine’s Day.  Yes, you read that correctly….5 Reasons NOT TO TAKE HER AWAY FOR VALENTINE’S DAY.   Carol Tiffany, owner of Lazy Cloud, said before folks wonder if she has taken leave of her senses, she asks them to look at her reasons and see if maybe, just maybe, some folks might agree with her.  


  1. Almost everything that has anything to do with romance for Valentine’s Day is outrageously expensive.  Valentine’s Day is an emotional holiday that tugs on our heart strings, and as a result we see hearts instead of dollar signs.
  2. Just try making a reservation for Valentine’s Day at that swanky restaurant she has wanted to try.   I am going to go out on a limb her, but I predict that getting a reservation is going to be pretty challenging.
  3. Flowers? Prices are insanely expensive on this day!
  4. If you haven’t already made your reservations at a romantic Inn or B&B, chances are good that most of them are booked solid.  If they aren’t, you must ask yourself “why not?”  Do you really want to take a chance and find out why?
  5. It’s expected!  Most women expect a getaway or some other romantic expression on this day.


Tiffany says she is not advocating that you skip Valentine’s Day; she suggests instead, that you buck the trend of doing the traditional on Valentine’s Day and become a trailblazer by trying something new and different.


Her suggestion? Take Valentine’s Day and celebrate it on a different day. Surprise her and take her away the week before or even better, the week after.  The same reasons she provides for why you shouldn’t go away for Valentine’s Day are the same reasons she shares for why you should go away on an alternative day.  


  1. If you go AFTER the holiday (or the week before), you will find a great selection of gifts, usually at a much better price.
  2. That swanky restaurant that you couldn’t get into on Valentine’s Day?  They will greet you with open arms on a different day of the week.
  3. Flowers? You will be able to purchase twice the amount for her that you would have been able to get on Valentine’s Day for the same amount of money.
  4. You will find that most romantic Inn’s or B&B’s will be able to accommodate your request for a suite.  In fact, should you go mid-week for your romantic Valentine’s Day Getaway, rates will be even lower.  You can take those savings and use them to cover the cost of dinner AND flowers.
  5. It’s NOT expected!   Creating your own traditions and rituals is part of the glue that holds couples together and this can become one of those traditions.


For those who decide to buck the trend and celebrate by taking a romantic getaway on a different day, Tiffany suggests that you check out Lazy Cloud, a Lake Geneva Hotel.  She states that guests will find that romance reigns supreme at both her Inn and her B&B.  From the personalized check in’s, to the champagne, chocolate covered strawberries (or caramel apple pie for two) double whirlpools, blazing fireplace and expanded continental breakfasts; she strives to create an atmosphere of true romance and luxury.


In addition to the above amenities, she shares that they do have some add-on’s that can be added to reservations.  The money saved by booking a mid-week stay can be used to treat your special lady to an in-room massage by one of the massage therapists that are on staff.   And of course dinner at a fancy restaurant can be quite romantic, but Tiffany says, so can one of their picnic dinners, eaten by the glow of candles as you sit in front of your fireplace.  These are just some of the add-on’s that can turn this alternate Valentine’s Day into one that is not quickly forgotten.


One thing that Tiffany stresses though is that if you decide to go away AFTER the holiday, present her with all the information in a card or gift certificate that you can give her on Valentine’s Day.  You don’t want her thinking you forgot about romance totally.


For more information on Lazy Cloud or to book your suite today, you can call them at 262-275-3322 or visit their website at www.lazycloud.com