Hull Capital Management Creates 2014-2015 Free SEP IRA Guide

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( — February 19, 2015) Dallas , Texas — Hull Capital Management (HCM), has created a free One-Page Guide to SEP IRAs to help clients understand what it is they need to know about SEP IRA retirement plans before the April 15th deadline.

Filing and contribution deadlines, limits for 2014 and 2015, withdrawal penalties, I.R.S. links and a contribution calculator all on one page. The contribution calculator will calculate the maximum contributions for SEP IRAs, Solo 401ks and Simple IRAs.

“We created a free one-page guide so self-employed and small business owners don’t have to search the web for answers.” said Lee Hull, founder of HCM. “Many of the answers on the web are out of date or incorrect.  Our guide is short and concise with up to date information that SEP IRA owners can download and keep as a reference.”

Government and larger companies have internal resources to help employees with these issues.  Self-employed and small business owners don’t have these types of company resources to help them understand retirement deadlines, contributions and limits.  When it comes to retirement plans and investment choices, self-employed and small business owners have nearly unlimited options but very little help.

Searching the web, there are more than 11 times as many articles on  401k limits as there are on SEP IRA limits. HCM wants to decrease this gap and provide as much information for its SEP IRA owners as possible, starting with the free One-Page Guide to SEP IRAs.

The free One-Page Guide to SEP IRAs document is available on HCM’s website, Download the document to learn more about the April 15th deadline, the 2015 $53k contribution limit and the exceptions to the 10% penalty.

About Hull Capital Management

Hull Capital Management (HCM)is an investment advisory firm  focusing on self-employed and small businesses. HCM specializes in providing retirement plan owners with absolute returns.  Absolute return strategies attempt to profit each year even if the stock market is down.  HCM is the only fiduciary investment advisor in the country with a sixteen-year track record of generating absolute returns for retirement plans.  When the stock market fell more than 35% in 2008, HCM was profitable. The approach also did well during a losing decade for the stock market(2000-2009) Generating positive returns independent of the stock or bond market, with all the restrictions of tax-deferred retirement plans, is a speciality that doesn’t exist outside of HCM.


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