Dermatologists Recommend Garden Gloves To Protect Hands And Fingernails

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( — February 20, 2015) Sanford, FL — Gardening can be therapeutic, but can cause the hands to age much faster.  With this in mind, when gardening, it is recommended to protect your hands with gardening gloves.  When dirt and water gets into the nails while gardening, it can cause bacteria to lodge into the nails and eventually affect your health; you are also exposed to pathogens in the soil that can cause fungus. Thus, it would be good to wear garden gloves.


Skin dermatitis is a common disease of women who love gardening.  This occurs as a result of direct contact with harsh chemicals and soil.  Doctors recommend that women wear gloves each time they do gardening.  My Doctor Online recommends people who develop this condition keep their hands dry while gardening by wearing gloves that prevent the hands from sweating or getting wet. 


According to California dermatologist, Cynthia Bailey, gardeners should pay attention to their hands and wear a reliable pair of garden gloves, such as Monikas Marketplace’s garden gloves.  “Gardeners are particularly prone to dry and cracked hand skin because we are in and out of drying soil, subjecting our hands to stickers, plant allergens, and a lot of friction,” she stated.  


In addition, dermatologic surgeon, Dr Alexandra Zhang, said, “Dry, scaly skin, brittle nails, and dark age spots can become problems as people get older.”  


Sandy B, a customer on Amazon, shared, “Normally I don’t wear gardening gloves until I noticed my hands really getting dry and cracked and just unpleasant, but I didn’t want to wear those big, bulky ones my husband wears. I am so glad I found these cute gloves, they fit great and protect my hands.”


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