Ultimate Locum Tenens Discusses Continuing Boom in Locum Tenens Industry

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(Newswire.net — February 19, 2015) Addison, TX — Locum tenens is Latin and means “holding the place of.” In healthcare terms, a locum tenens healthcare provider is a nurse practitioner (NP), physician, or physician assistant (PA) who takes a long-term or short-term temporary position with a facility. The locum tenens movement originally started in the early 1970s when a federal grant helped to start a program that provided physician staffing services to clinics in areas that were medically understaffed. The program was incredibly successful and many physicians and hospitals began requesting locum tenens healthcare staffing assistance.

The trend continues into current day. Certified PAs have seen a growth of over 219% since 2003, with approximately 95,583 in the profession as of 2013. The number of NPs is on the rise and this increase does not appear to be slowing down. Experts believe that roughly 244,000 NPs will be in the field by 2025. Almost 90% of NPs are prepared in primary care and 97.2% are able to prescribe medication.

With the many benefits of hiring an NP or PA, it is no wonder they are among the most in-demand healthcare providers today. If a hospital, medical group, or other medical practice wants to hire a physician and save money, it can be extremely difficult to find a good fit for that open position. It can also take time, and these positions generally cannot be left open too long. By hiring a NP or PA as seen at http://www.ultimatelt.com/clients/, through an expert locum tenens provider like Ultimate Locum Tenens, facilities can cut costs drastically without sacrificing their capabilities or quality of care.

By utilizing a NP or PA through a locum tenens provider, companies will not just be getting a high quality professional, but could also be saving financially while providing high-quality patient care—goals that Ultimate Locum Tenens understand to be very important to most hospitals and medical groups.

Ultimate Locum Tenens, through its experience and suite of benefits and features as seen at http://www.ultimatelt.com/clients/features-benefits.php, understands what is necessary to find the Ultimate Fit for medical professionals searching for temporary work with hospitals and medical groups. As a leader in the locum tenens industry, Ultimate Locum Tenens specializes in providing healthcare staffing solutions that make life better for hospitals, medical groups, and medical practices, as well as compassionate locum tenens professionals looking for their next healthcare position.


About Ultimate Locum Tenens: Ultimate Locum Tenens, an organization affiliated with Roth Staffing Companies, is an expert healthcare staffing solutions provider based in the Dallas, Texas metropolitan area. The company specializes in recruiting and placing nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and physicians in temporary positions (short or long term) while a facility searches for a more permanent solution. Using their experience and proprietary, innovative process, Ultimate Locum Tenens is committed to finding the Ultimate Fit for their healthcare clients.


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