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( — February 20, 2015) Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina — 

Charleston, NC – Jeffrey M. Donaldson, P.E. is the owner and founder of Ace Preferred Inspections, Inc., a 17-year-old company serving both North and South Carolina. This week, Mr. Donaldson also became a best-selling author. Publisher Ken Sherman of GoProLocal said that Mr. Donaldson’s new book, ‘The Home Inspector Engineer: An Interview with Jeffrey Donaldson” found its way to the #1 spot on 4 different Amazon Best-Seller lists.

The Insider’s Guide captured the #1 spot in Amazon’s Book’s “Contracting How-to & Home Improvement” department while simultaneously holding on to the #1 spot in the Construction’s “Estimating Engineering” department. The new e-book grabbed a third and fourth #1 spot in Kindle’s “Contracting Engineering” and “Construction Engineering” departments.

The popularity of the book also rated #6 in the broad category of “Professional Engineering”. Mr. Donaldson also received recognition as the top “Hot New Release” in 5 of those departments.

It is interesting to note that although the book is only available in e-book format, it proved popular enough to score a #1 position in the Amazon physical bookstore.

Mr. Donaldson, who is the owner and founder of Ace Preferred Inspections, Inc., wrote the book to help his customers better understand the nuances of home inspections, home inspectors, and inspector engineers. The book delves into differences in the skills a typical home inspector has versus the expanded skill set of the licensed and degreed home inspector engineer.

Topics of discussion include the differences in training, educational and practical experience. He also covers the differing licensing requirements between the two and the expanded services an engineer is licensed to provide.

Jeffrey’s quadruple best-selling book is a testimony, not only to the resurgence in home building market, but also to the popularity of books offering advice and a ‘leg up’ to people interested in Home Inspection as a career.

Jeffrey is no stranger to engineering. He began his engineering career with his service as a Naval officer on a nuclear submarine.  After Jeffrey had completed military service, he went to work for a small engineering firm near Charleston.  Jeffrey was responsible for capital project planning and execution for industrial and manufacturing clients, as well as design work for commercial developments. 

Jeffrey got his contractor’s license while working with the consultant. “While I was there, I started purchasing investment properties,” said Jeffrey. “Home inspection was a good way to use my engineering skills along with my interest in residential property, .”

“Ultimately, I went out on my own,” he said. “I wanted to keep my connections to the residential market.” Providing licensed engineering services allows Jeffrey to maintain those connections as well as serve the public. “A practicing engineer can offer opinions and make suggestions, something a home inspector cannot do.”

“That’s not to say there aren’t knowledgeable home inspectors,” Jeffrey said “but degreed engineers have earned an engineering degree, are required to do an internship for a senior engineer, and they come with a specialized skill set that lets them do a complete job.”

The book covers the requirements from getting into the business, all the way to a look at the various options available to those in the building trades who want to move up.

Jeffrey parting advice for the homeowner was, “A licensed engineer may have significant advantages over a typical home inspector.”

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