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( — February 21, 2015) Saxmundham, Suffolk — Salters Dog Food are unveiling a special offer for puppy owners from today via the online shopping site  The dog food offer means customers in the UK will receive a free bag of Salters Pet Nutrition Maintenance Food for adult dogs when they buy a regular 15 kg bag of Salters Puppy Food.  

Salters Puppy Dog Food is renowned for having a unique formula which includes a careful balance of highest quality protein, oils, fats and carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.  You can feed your puppy Salters Puppy Food from six weeks of age because it is so digestible.

The dog food is backed by Veterinary Surgeons such as James Hill MA VetMB MRCVS who says: “Salters dog food is made from the highest quality ingredients and is free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives.

“Salters dog foods are designed for high digestibility and the inclusion of extra virgin olive oil helps promote a healthy skin and coat with visible benefits in many cases.”

Stephen Salter, Principal of Salters Pet Nutrition says: “Your puppy deserves the best start in life.  Your dog’s development for the rest of their life is dependent on what they are fed during their first year.”

Stephen decided to launch the Amazon special promotion because he is aware that many dog owners aren’t sure when to switch their dog from puppy to adult dog food.  As a general rule, large breeds change from Puppy to Adult Maintenance Food from eight to ten months and small breeds from ten to twelve months, but it’s always best to call us and check.  Maintenance Food supports later stages of junior’s growth and adulthood.  Receiving a free 2kg bag of Adult Maintenance Food when you buy your regular Salters Puppy Food means you’ll be ready to change dog food when the time is right.

This offer is available from Amazon for a limited time only and terms and conditions apply.

Stephen Salter can be reached on 01728 604475 for a free consultation to discuss your dog’s nutritional needs for best results.

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