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( — February 23, 2015) Centennial, CO — People in the United States and around the world are living longer thanks to better medicine, increased awareness of nutritional value, and general lifestyle improvements, such as lower rates of smoking. With that being said, the elderly still often require special treatment and observation to help them cope with age related health concerns, including dementia. Thankfully for those people and their families, caring assisted living facilities like award winning Rose of Sharon provide the excellent care and observation that people in assisted living centers need to live happy and safe lives.

Rose of Sharon recently won the award for its excellent assisted living services. Linna and Hanny Tanny, owners of Rose of Sharon, opened the facility’s doors in 2003 to provide excellent, quality care for the elderly and others requiring full-time care. While residents share a community with regular activities, they also get to enjoy highly personalized assistance, such as medication management, as well as their own independent living quarters. Residents of Rose of Sharon can also freely enjoy and get assistance with their individual spiritual needs.

Medical treatment for age-related health problems such as dementia, as seen at, is of paramount concern for the employees at Rose of Sharon. The health professionals at the award winning facility, as seen at, oversee emergency transport, personalized health plans, nutrition, monitoring of blood pressure, home doctor visits, incontinence assistance, and holistic treatments which include yoga and acupuncture.

Rose of Sharon offers the elderly tenants, as seen at, mother services beyond purely medical and spiritual assistance. Among the other benefits the award winning community offers are laundry service, tenant companionship, and recreation. Any time a family decides to relocate an elderly parent into assisted living, the soon-to-be occupant’s overall well-being is of prime concern for the rest of the family. Those family members enjoy the peace of mind that comes from genuine feedback from current and former clients whose praise echoes that of


About Rose of Sharon Assisted Living: Rose of Sharon was first established in 2003 as a senior citizen assisted living home by Linna and Hanny Tanny. Their goal was to create a place where seniors could live in a home-like environment while knowing their well-being would always be put first. Rose of Sharon is dedicated to combining accommodations, quality care and love with their ability to provide a sanitary and physically safe environment.


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