LTL Shipping – New Pricing

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( — March 01, 2015)– Portland, OR — Ice Break Shipping LLC introduces its new and improved LTL shipping services that is proven to give the most convenient and cost-friendly shipping and logistics services in the city of Portland in Oregon. LTL shipping is one of the many services IBS offers.

IBS is an independent Landstar agent ,one of the biggest logistics and supply chain company in the country, that offers global and domestic transportation services covering transportation by land, air and ocean. IBS has access to 8,200 power units, 14,000 pieces of trailing equipment and about 25,000 other approved third-party truck capacity providers. This also covers shipping in land, air and ocean.

CEO and Founder Augusto Beato answered to the plea of companies about shipping more freight for a lesser price. He saw that there is a huge need for LTL shipping services in the city of Portland. Mr. Beato said, “I decided to lower the price because I know that there are lots of people who need LTL shipping and cargo services. Some of them need to ship a lot of freight with a limited budget. Should we serve them too? Of course. There’s no reason not to.”

IBS’s LTL shipping service has proven itself to be the people’s choice when it comes to transportation because IBS has a 99% claim-free cargo delivery. Aside from the safety of your cargo, IBS’s LTL shipping service also specializes in heavy haul operations. It is also capable of transporting hazardous materials. Even with all of these, IBS LTL shipping service gives the people a little relief because their wallets won’t bleed just to secure the safety of their cargo. Aside from the affordable price, IBS also offers excellent customer service. The customers can contact IBS agents through their website or phone. All of the agents of IBS are trained and are experienced when it comes to logistics. Last year, IBS was able to deliver 8,000 loads safely that makes 1,000 happy customers. On average, a customer saves $250 per shipment.

IBS LTL shipping service is a great answer to the needs of people who wants to secure the safety of their cargo that needs to be transported locally or globally for a low price. Aside from the efficient LTL shipping service IBS offers, it also gives customers a “free, no obligation instant quote.”