Athletic Greens Once Again Receives 5 Star Positive Reviews

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( — February 27, 2015)  Los Angeles, CAAthletic Greens has become a very popular energy supplement for people who live active lifestyles. If fact, nutritionist and weightlifting world record holder Cliff Harvey recommends it to all his clients. It is his number one choice because it provides both increased energy that will last and also delivers the essential nutrients and vitamins people need each day to thrive. Most people do not get enough nutrients and vitamins daily through the foods they eat. This is largely due to a combination of poor dieting choices and current food processing methods. Athletic Greens recently released some videos sharing what some of their supplement users thought about their product.

The first review comes from MMA fighter and all-around athlete Julia A. Before she was an MMA fighter Julia struggled with her weight and was not in the best shape. She was able to lose over fifty pounds and has become a walking billboard/poster child for fitness and weight loss. As a result of her amazing body transformation people heed Julia’s advice when it comes to health. In the video, which can be seen here, she has this to say about Athletic Greens premium superfood cocktail “I love this product, I recommend it to EVERYONE (second after suggesting a “clean” diet), even to the average civilian (non-athlete) just trying to be healthy.

Athletic Greens also provides much more than just vitamins and minerals people need to enhance their daily life. Containing many antioxidants, herbs, mushrooms, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and a whole lot more this greens powder can deliver the vital nutrition a person needs daily. The second review video focuses on Mandy K. who was recently diagnosed with fructose malabsorption. Consequently, her nutrition suffered from the elimination of many fruits and vegetables in her diet due to a fear of how her body might react to them. This led to malnourishment, heavy bruising, and lethargy. She carefully checked the label of Athletic Greens, to verify that her body wouldn’t react negatively to any of the seventy five whole food sourced ingredients, and this is what she said about her experience “I saw positive results immediately. After two weeks, the mysterious bruises have stopped and are starting to fade. I can’t thank you guys enough.” There are many other positive things people have said about this product and the company even shares quotes from happy customers on the Athletic Greens Facebook page each week.

Each of the seventy five whole food sourced ingredients in Athletic Greens were carefully selected in their natural form. It took doctors and nutritionists over ten years of research to develop the easy to mix powder with a naturally sweet taste that can deliver essential nutrients daily. The time and experience used to formulate Athletic Greens provides users with a superior product that is suitable for anyone on a special diet. Anyone who has dietary restrictions such as Paleo, Primal, Slow Carb Diet, Celiacs, Vegans, Auto-Immune can safely use the product without any problems.

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