SherlockDocs Announces Improvements to Private Investigator Software

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( — February 25, 2015) East Aurora, NY — How can Private Investigators earn the respect they deserve as professionals and increase their productivity overnight?

Some of the most skilled Private Investigators would rather be on the field than at a desk and they may not be the most organized or best suited to efficiently, effectively and professionally document and present their findings to clients.  No matter how incredible the findings, without being able to properly communicate them to the client, the Private Investigator’s hard work, not to mention professional respect and potential referrals from satisfied clients, are lost.  That’s where SherlockDocs comes in.

The app is an all-in-one case management system where Private Investigators can gather, save and easily incorporate their findings and varied documentation into client reports.  Its features include integrated and playable video, autotext for repetitive information and images, a “Private Notes” section where confidential data, unviewable by the client, can be recorded and a link to a secure site for the client to view the PDF report and any video captured.  

The time and money savings the software offers Private Investigators are stunning.  SherlockDocs provides clients 80% of the utility of expensive case management software at a fraction of the cost.  With their new billing module, Private Investigators can now bill inside each client report and send a link for the client to view the invoice or, alternately, print the invoice and mail it.

SherlockDocs is extremely user friendly and offers its clients online security, multiple backups and convenient accessibility from anywhere in the world via modern web browser.  Moreover, older cases can be imported so that all files are stored on the same server, making file management easier for its users.  

Having full faith in its software, SherlockDocs comes with a 100% guarantee and 30-day free trial (with no credit card required up front), rendering it a “must try” for all Private Investigators.

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