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(Newswire.net — March 2, 2015) Scottsdale, Arizona — Steve Broe has affiliated with the Center for Workplace Diversity (CWDR) at the University of Phoenix.  The director of the CWDR. Dr. Carlos Tasso Eiro De Aquino recruited Dr. Broe to be part of their scholarship and research group, dedicated to promoting new research related to workplace diversity.  With a community of scholars nationwide, the members seek to discover knowledge useful to workplace productivity as well as a just society.


Aquino has asked Broe to look for research questions, and to discuss them with other members of the CWDR community.  Once adopted, a process of collecting and interpreting real world data can be shared with business leaders everywhere. In addition, the information will likely be published, shared at business conferences, and adapted for video presentations.  Broe is interested in asking how leadership can emerge in diverse project management teams.


The Center for Workplace Diversity Research serves as a synergistic environment for faculty and students affiliated with the University of Phoenix.  The CWDR is one of six research centers affiliated with the School of Advanced Studies at the University of Phoenix. There are currently over 80 research affiliates who are part of the CWDR, coming from 18 US states and Brazil.  It is expected that the research community will grow in the near future.


Broe has been an online instructor since 2001, teaching courses in management and organizational behavior.  He is the author of Leaders In Transition (2012) which helps career changers move into leadership roles in a new field of work.  He is also an executive coach.


Broe expects to study diversity in project management teams, identifying ways that leadership can emerge in a group.  “Diversity gives us a new way to examine effective leadership.  We understand that people are different in many ways beyond skin color and gender.  People bring different beliefs, training and experiences to their project teams.  This can influence how leaders are selected.”


Broe is working on the release of another leadership book.  Titled Leading the Way Up Mount Olympus, set for release in early 2015.  Broe set out to explore what it is exactly that leaders do to succeed and how leaders handle setbacks and failures. In this book, Broe interviewed more than 30 well-known leaders across varied fields of study to find out the real secret behind their success. He uncovered their mindset, their problem solving strategies, how they redefined their own experiences and reframed their own thoughts about those experiences to transform setbacks and failures into springboards for future success.

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