Author puts Detroit on Literary Map

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( — March 10, 2015) Salt Lake City, UT — Turn Our Eyes Away, a new suspense novel from best-selling author Zoe Zorka and published by Argus Publishing, is a game-changer for Detroit’s literary scene. Set in Detroit, the book tells the story of two girls, Olivia and Tiffany, who were bound together by childhood tragedy, but then at age 18, separated and went their own ways. Ten years later, their lives will cross paths again, ultimately ending in tragedy for one of them. 

Not only has the book received rave reviews from literary critics, but it’s also one of the first mainstream suspense novels in recent years to be set in Detroit. It’s clear that Ms. Zorka is a native based not just on the perfect Michigan dialect with which her characters speak, but also when she mentions things that only a native would truly understand- Boblo Island, Vernors, Coney Island, traffic on “the bridge.” Weaving thoughout the city and the suburbs, Ms. Zorka keeps readers on the edge of their seats as the plot races from downtownat the MGM, through downtown and Grosse Point, out into the suburbs, and even over to Windsor. 

Turn Our Eyes Away is also one of the first books of its kind to merge real-life social media with fiction. Readers can follow the two main characters on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Elizabeth Hughes of Synchronized Chaos magazine describes the book as ““…brilliantly conceived… fascinating read….” while Kirkus Reviews state that Ms. Zorka “does an exemplary job capturing the millennial mind in all its tempestuous—and awful—glory.”

This book is a must read for anyone who loves suspense novels- and loves Detroit. 


Turn Our Eyes Away is available on Amazon, iBooks,, and in select Barnes and Noble and independent booksellers.