Vernon Litigation Group Files Claim Against FSC Securities Corporation

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( — March 11, 2015) Naples, Florida — Investor’s rights firm Vernon Litigation Group has filed another arbitration claim against FSC Securities Corporation for the wrongful offering and subsequent sale of two highly risk-oriented investments to a Montana client.   This is yet another claim filed by the Vernon Litigation Group against FSC Securities Corporation.

The claim was filed recently in FINRA arbitration. It attests to the FSC Securities Corporation advisor’s dealings with a client looking to invest a large sum representing the bulk of her retirement savings. According to the claim, the advisor assured the investor that he was able to provide her with conservative and safe investments. Conversely, the claim alleges that the advisor instead proceeded to invest the funds into investments that were neither conservative nor safe, but were, in fact, illiquid and speculative. The investments involved in this Claim are Behringer Harvard REIT I (now TIER REIT, Inc.) and a company called Invizeon.

REITs Once Again Prove to be High Risk Investments

 The claim asserts that both the Behringer Harvard REIT I and the Invizeon investments were speculative, illiquid, and that carried great risk. According to the Claim, the advisor represented he was having success in selling REITs to all of his clients and that the investment would consistently yield approximately 7% returns. However, the advisor did not disclose the high risks and illiquidity concerns associated with his recommendations. As such, the investor has suffered dramatic losses. The claim also asserts that it was unsuitable to place so much of the investor’s funds in these high-risk investments. 


  According to the claim, FSC violated the conduct rules of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. The client is seeking compensatory damages, along with costs and attorney’s fees from FSC in a FINRA arbitration proceeding.

Help Protect Other Investors

 Investor rights attorney Chris Vernon is continuing to investigate sales of both Behringer Harvard and Invizeon in Montana and encourages anyone with knowledge of the sales of these investments to contact Vernon Litigation Group and assist with the investigation.

    Investor’s rights attorney Chris Vernon and the lawyers of the Vernon Litigation Group continue to represent investors across the country who have suffered considerable losses from alternative investments, such as Icon Leasing Fund Twelve, Behringer Harvard REIT (n/k/a TIER REIT, Inc.), as well as many other alternative investments such as hedge funds and complex insurance products. Call Vernon Litigation Group toll-free at 1 (877) 649-5394 if you believe you have a claim against an investment professional.

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