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( — March 12, 2015) Sanford, FL — Since its release, it has received several positive feedback and mostly five star ratings, the highest rating available on Amazon, which is reserved only for high quality products.


Amazon reviews are one of the reasons that Amazon is such a trusted marketplace to shop. Buyers can not only see the star rating the product has received but they can also read about the experience that buyers have had with using the product which an help them make an informed buying decision.


Customers have been expressing a high level of satisfaction with the gloves which are made from nylon and have nitrile coating to protect the palms. “These gardening gloves are very nice! This was definitely a great buy for 3 pairs of high quality gardening gloves. I love the different patterns included. The gloves are comfortable, allow your hands to breath, so they don’t get sweaty like with some other gloves, and they fit well,” said Lisa B in a verified Amazon review.


Other users commented on other benefits of using the gloves, including the fact that they are highly breathable, washable and flexible. “Lightweight, breathable, very durable and flexible. My wife used these for 7 days in the garden, using all kinds of tools. They didn’t rip, dry, crack or fade at all. Hanging on to these for a while,” said Altair, another satisfied Amazon customer.


The gloves for the garden from Monika’s Marketplace are designed to provide a great, comfortable fit. The breathable nylon material it is made from eliminates the problem of sweaty hands, which is a common complaint for gardeners. Additionally, they clean easily with soap and water and also dry quickly by hanging. They are available in one size that fits the average hand size of most women.


With five star ratings and positive reviews being the measuring stick used by Amazon shoppers to determine a product’s quality, the garden gloves for women are seen as high quality. Over 86 percent of all reviewers have given it full five star ratings to date. The product is currently available on Amazon and come with a full money back guarantee.

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