SAS Hosts Parenting The Love and Logic Way Workshop for Elementary School Parents

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( — March 5, 2015) Singapore, Singapore — Over the past five years the elementary school counselors at Singapore American School have offered a series of parenting workshops focused on the philosophies of parenting with love and logic. The goal of the program is to provide parents with simple and practical techniques to help them reduce stress and raise responsible children that are prepared to face the world around them as they mature. Based on the best- selling book by Cline and Fay, The Love and Logic Approach, the workshop seeks to teach parents the following:

  • share control by offering choices
  • use empathy to bond with their child
  • set clear limits using enforceable statements rather than threats or lectures
  • neutralize arguments before a power struggle develops
  • encourage the child to develop tools for their own problem solving
  • become a “consultant” parent

The tools they receive during the five-week workshop can be implemented and experimented with immediately at home to help them build upon their long-term parenting skills. The goal of the workshop is to help parents adopt and practice a non-confrontational parenting style that seeks to achieve the desired outcome of less stress for both the parents and children (‘parenting with love and logic’). Armed with the tools learned from the workshop parents will come away better prepared to demonstrate their love for their children in a way that prepares them to mature into successful, independent adults and subsequently strengthen the relationship they have with their children.

Examples of learning objectives and techniques to be covered during the workshop include using empathy before delivering consequences, setting limits with enforceable statements, sharing control through lots of small choices, and neutralizing arguing. Research has shown that as a result of using the techniques learned from the program, children’s self-concept is “preserved and enhanced”. Children whose parents adapt this approach learn how to take responsibility for and solve problems they create or face, and to share control and decision-making with their parents. By adopting a combination of consequences and responsibility with high levels of affection, a strong parent-child relationship is built.

Through programs such as the Becoming A Love and Logic Parent, SAS continues to offer valuable opportunities to help the parents of its students explore and develop their parenting skills. By reducing the stress associated with many parenting experiences and strengthening the relationships they have with their children, parents will be better armed to raise capable, independent children prepared to face whatever challenges they encounter. This workshop will demonstrate the value in parenting with love and logic and the benefits of finding a balance of both. The Parenting the Love and Logic Way Workshop is open to all elementary school parents (Grades 3- 5) and is free of charge.

For more information about the Parenting the Love and Logic Way Workshop, please visit the SAS website. Visit for more information about the book Parenting with Love and Logic by Cline and Fay.

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