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( — March 18, 2015) Springfield, MO — Leadership Mastermind, sponsored by People Centric Consulting Group, brings together a group of business leaders focused on enhancing leadership skills and becoming more effective leaders.  The group meets monthly on the third Friday to learn effective and efficient leadership skills from the highly skilled team at People Centric as well as other top producing business owners and leaders.  Membership is extended to both individuals as well as organizations.  Whether the desire is to improve personal leadership skills or to create a dynamic team of business leaders, the Leadership Mastermind program can help.  Both individual and group pricing is available.

Many leaders today are too often caught up in the day-to-day responsibilities of running a business and neglect the need for personal growth.   These leaders don’t seem to have the time for the important practice of refining skills.  The Leadership Mastermind program is a way to consistently take the time needed to “sharpen the saw”, one of the steps in “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey.  As leaders take the time to meet, collaborate and learn from other leaders, personal leadership skills are refined and enhanced.  By investing just two hours a month, leaders today can see significant improvement in the ability to lead effectively and efficiently.

People Centric Consulting Group, the sponsors of Leadership Mastermind, is a consulting company serving clients in the Springfield and greater Missouri area.  The skilled professionals at People Centric help businesses analyze the current business status, identify areas of strength and areas needing improvement and then develop a strategic plan customized to meet the needs of individual businesses.  The company also provides business services including leadership development, speaking, training and coaching.

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People Centric processes are designed to work with people. They engage the natural strengths of your team, focus their efforts toward a common goal, and then hold them accountable for the results. They empower ordinary people to do extraordinary things. They increase profitability, productivity, and motivate everyone involved. It’s a powerful approach that drives real results… and it works.

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