Wounded Man Posts Selfie Then Seeks Help

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(Newswire.net — March 20, 2015)  — The urge to ‘save the moment’ and share it on a social network gets more bizarre every day. A man from Arizona after getting shot,  took a selfie, posted it with a comment, then sought help for his wound.

Isaac Martinez is a 20-year-old student at Mesa’s East Valley Institute of Technology, was hit by a bullet fired by a criminal who demanded his car keys to get away after committing a robbery. Martinez first took a selfie while the blood stained his culinary white jacket he was wearing for his culinary class at Bistro 13, he then posted the selfie with a comment ‘I just got shot’.

“A man came in and demanded my keys for a getaway car,” Martinez later wrote on Facebook.

The robber who shot Martinez, identified as 41-year old Ryan Elliot Giroux, is accused of killing one and injuring two others at the Tri-City Inn, a motel across the street from the restaurant. After the shooting, he fled the scene to Bistro 13, looking for a getaway car.

“Of course I said no, and next was him pulling out a gun and cocking it,” Martinez wrote. “Soon as I saw it I started stepping back and yelled for everyone to step back and get down. Next thing I knew I was hitting the ground, got up as fast as I fell, and ran out the back exit.”

Giroux stole a grey Honda Accord that belonged to Martinez’s chef instructor. Martinez than realized he was struck in the shoulder, close to the neck.

Realizing it was a flesh wound, Martinez took a selfie, wrote a comment and uploaded it to Snapchat, a social media application, the Arizona Republic reported.

Reportedly, after he posted a photo of himself being shot, Martinez “noticed the cops and fire trucks down the street.” He ran across West Main Street to get help from the paramedics.

Mesa Police Department Detective Estaban Flores told reporters Wednesday that after the paramedics provided first aid, they transported Martinez to a hospital.

Giroux injured two other men at two different locations before he was caught after a nearly four-hour manhunt Wednesday afternoon. Giroux has a criminal record and alleged connections with neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups