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( — March 28, 2015) Tampa Bay, FLORIDA — Harry lay is the owner and president of Lay Professional Services and the current CEOSpace Instructor, where he has been a member since 2004. A BA in accounting graduate of Harding University, Lay also holds several other significant positions in reputable companies and organizations such as the SGA Design Group where he has been a trusted advisor for over 16 years, among others. Prior to forming his own consultancy firm, Harry acted as the president and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of BSW Architects International, a large multi-office international architectural and engineering firm for over eight years.

Harry Lay is greatly revered for his vast experience in the fields of entrepreneurship, leadership, management and consulting, strategic planning, executive management, and executive coaching, just to mention but a few. Lay currently works with organizations that are considered underperforming considering their potential if well managed. This is mainly achieved by assisting the senior management in improving their profit performance and speeding their progress towards their corporate vision. Companies in their initial stages find him of great mentorship especially when it comes to team building and performance-related coaching. His success is reminiscent of his time at the engineering firm when the firm saw the opening of all Wall-Mart stores built in the U.S from 1990-1996, realizing over 600 employees and unprecedented profits. This success saw him cement his place in business mentorship as he is regarded as one of the most reliable advisors to CEOs and business leaders worldwide.

Harry Lay’s business acumen is greatly highlighted in his strategic planning process, which endows a company’s management with a roadmap and procedure with which to realize their corporate vision within a certain desired or stipulated time. Lay also boasts of experience in both private and public sectors where he has taught a variety of continuing education courses and facilitating seminars for professional associations and private companies. He also serves as a member of several boards of directors in companies across his country, besides being notably active in multiple organizations especially in the Tulsa area, including the Small Business Council where he has as well acted as the chairman.

Save for his knowledge in being a business genius, Harry Lay also harbors expansive knowledge in emotional intelligence, work life balance, public speaking besides being a highly respectable motivational speaker. So many positives attributes in a single individual renders his name famous and an envy of many.

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