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( — March 31, 2015) Sanford, FL — A high dome microwave splatter cover is proving to be a fast selling product on, receiving numerous positive reviews and five star ratings from customers.

Ratings are used on Amazon to help shoppers determine the quality of products being sold. With the microwave cover receiving mostly five stars, the highest rating possible on Amazon, it is considered to be of the highest quality in its class. A number of customers have left positive reviews expressing their satisfaction with the microwave cover and backing up the high ratings it has received.

“These are great! I’ve bought two so far as gifts. They are handy for the microwave to prevent messes. The best parts are that it saves paper towels from being wasted and it’s BPA free. That harmful cancer causing chemical won’t be exposed to your food from this cover. Easy to wash also,” said Susan Atkinson in a verified Amazon review.

Many other customers have expressed similar sentiments with some going as far as to say that it was the best splatter cover for microwaves they had ever used. “This is the best microwave cover I have used yet! My main reason for choosing this cover is for the adjustable steaming vent located on top. Previous covers I had contained a bunch of vent holes all in a circular pattern near the bottom,” said Richard A. Harrison in another verified Amazon review of the vented microwave cover.

The microwave cover is made from lab tested, certified BPA free materials and has an adjustable vent at the top for easy steam release. It is designed to fit standard dinner plates up to 10.5 inches in diameter and has a high dome to prevent contact with the meal being heated. Additionally, it is dishwasher safe, allowing for easy clean up when dirty.

With over 70% of all reviewers giving the microwave cover from Monika’s Marketplace maximum 5-star ratings, the product is expected to grow in popularity.

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TopBPAFree is a company that prides itself in high quality, practical, and affordable products for the home. Their microwave cover can be found on sold through Monika’s Markeplace.`

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