Art Of BI Software Releases Grounding Breaking Version Of Collaborative BI, BITeamwork 3.0

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( — March 30, 2015) Tega Cay, SC — Art of BI Software is a leader in the production of Enterprise Collaborative Business Intelligence Software.  The company recently released BITeamwork 3.0 to a global customer market amid acclaim for the product’s unique and useful features.  Now, Christian Screen, President of Art of BI Software, explains the features that make BITeamwork 3.0 such a popular choice among businesses that want a way to exercise collective decision making.


In a recent interview, Screen noted that BITeamwork 3.0 allows Business Intelligence users to add another layer of immediate and persistent communication to their existing analytical capabilities.  “BITeamwork provides collaboration functionality such as annotations for financial data variances and justification, but it also provides ubiquitous expansion of the BI tool by providing the ability to embed charts, graphs, and other analytical dashboards and data within an organization’s intranet website portal such as Microsoft SharePoint,” says Screen. 


While many programs provide business collaboration support, BITeamwork is unique in that it bridges the gap between traditional Business Intelligence and analytics tools and the next level business analytics that users want to reach.  According to Screen, “We are providing a culture of collective decision making which involves feedback about the data to everyone who has access to the data as well. We’ve found that business analysts see the data they analyze as their data since they are responsible for reporting on it, clarifying anomalies about it and uncovering any potential benefits from it, and they want to communicate that. Currently all BI tools on the market fall short of giving this ability to their customers, so BITeamwork provides this capability in many unique but very functional access points.”


BITeamwork provides users with Embedded BI, which is the ability for users to expose anywhere in their organization’s network their curated dashboard, reports, or graphs which are normally only accessed from logging into a dashboard portal interface. This means that BI customers are able to expand their reach of analytical capabilities and expand their ROI in their enterprise BI investments.


Further, BITeamwork is leading the way in solid incremental improvement on existing analytics and business intelligence concepts. According to Screen, “Art of BI Software has proven the concept with dozens of global clients that what BI and analytics customers want is a way to own the data in a way that provides a feedback loop. Business analysts know their data. More importantly, they know the ‘Why?’ of the data. In today’s fast-paced, data-crazed world it is so easy to get lost in the data, what it means to the business, and why a variance or anomaly exists in data. We often refer to this as data storytelling. We think every company should be able tell the story about their data, make better collective decisions and reference explanations about the data at a later date to understand why a decision based on the data was made.

BITeamwork also improves workflow by allowing users to stay engaged in the BI system for longer and with more productivity. Instead of accessing a dashboard or report, glancing at the information, and exiting, users have more collaboration functionality and input mechanisms to proactively engage with the data and input their own information which makes an overall impact in the business.

“For the CXO team, we believe strong innovation and leadership for analytics is tremendously important,” says Screen.  “The smart management team is going to see BITeamwork as a blessing for understanding that the business analysts and field users that have insight to the company’s inner-workings and data flow can contribute tremendously to the enterprise analytics culture. They know that this information, when visible upstream, can allow the CXO suite to make the best decisions possible for the organization. BITeamwork allows this to be possible while leveraging existing investments in analytics and business intelligence. Getting BITeamwork is as simple as navigating to and downloading the software or requesting a demonstration.”


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About Art of BI Software:  Art of BI Software provides solutions for Collaborative Business Intelligence in the enterprise. Its open source and commercial products help customers to achieve greater usability, user adoption, and decision making with their existing Business Intelligence solutions. Their integrated Collaborative BI solution, BITeamwork, supports commenting on dashboards and annotating table data cells in analytical reporting delivered to business users. Art of BI Software has customers worldwide, including Pernod-Ricard, Verizon, Royal Bank of Scotland, and many others.


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