Pearl Distributors Returns From Hong Kong Pearl Show With High Quality Pearls

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( — March 31, 2015) Los Angeles, CA Pearl Distributors, one of the premier pearl jewelry distributors on the web, after the Hong Kong International Pearl Show early this month is now offering selected high-quality and new arrivals of pearls from the Orient.

This company always selects top quality pearl products for their pearl jewelry collection available for purchase. Customers have been reliant on their products because of their long standing reputation of very high pearl quality and yet with affordable prices.

“Freshwater pearls naturally come in several beautiful colors. Not everyone likes the traditional pearl style. But Freshwater pearls come in so many colors there is usually something that appeals to everyone’s taste,” says Miriam Reed, the Owner of Pearl Distributors.

Since freshwater pearls are easily obtained in long strands, more and more customers are indulging in Pearl Distributors’ items. This kind of pearl is fairly durable while a minor graze to saltwater pearls can cause peeling due to the thinness of the translucent nacre.

A freshwater pearl is cultured without even a tiny shell nucleus so that the nacre is accumulated right from the center of this precious gem. White pearls that measure 6-7 mm, 7-8 mm, or 8-9 mm are what experts refer to as classic pearls.

For those who want to be youthful and artistic, they can try lavender, pink, or black pearls. In fact, Pearl Distributors’ items come in different shades which are all natural, right from the mollusk. They creatively match three various colors in order to produce a subtle multicolor look.

“They can be different shapes. Some prefer classic round pearls whereas others prefer other shapes and Freshwater pearls come in many shapes,” she added. “They sometimes have extraordinary orient. This is a rainbow effect that appears on some pearls. Metallic pearls and baroque pearls are a good place to look for pearls with orient,” Reed said.

Customers may request a custom design pearl necklace according to their preferred styling and color combinations. Hence, extraordinary metallic pearls along with beautiful orient can also be found on their website. Both in lovely pendants and strands, the jewelry is uniquely and beautifully designed.

With the new arrival of quality pearls from the Orient, people can now enjoy great options when it comes to valuable items such as Akoya pearls.

Those interested in Akoya Pearls and Pearl Distributors may visit or call them at 1-800-913-0676 for more details.

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