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( — April 3, 2015) Tampa Bay, FL — Ken Courtright is a guy who started out selling signs, but after getting some advice from a guy who previously built a website for him, he decided to build one of his own based on the topic of a book he was planning on writing. The book was a guide to marketing in the new century, and when Ken made the decision to turn it into a website; he made the decision to make a website with a lot of pages, based around keywords that people use when they search through search engines for information. 


When Ken made the decision to build a large website, he set himself on the path to having an authority site. An authority site is a large site, with a lot of information on it that is loved by search engines. Once a person has completed building an authority site, they have a passive income stream that grows automatically when people share links to the site, and when new Internet users search the Internet and find it. After Ken Courtright saw his first success as an authority website owner, he decided to take things to the next level. 

Ken diligently worked to increase the number of websites that he owned, and build each new site that he created into an authority site that brings him passive income. Ken has been able to build numerous profitable websites by making them large authority sites. Once Ken realized that he was a master at this, he decided to partner with other people who wanted their own websites and wanted to make money online. 

When Ken decides to partner with people, he gives them the choice of paying him a fee just to learn his methods, or having him directly use his methods for their benefit. If a person decides that they want to just learn the methods and do the work on their own, they have to write multiple articles a week to put on a website. If a person decides to let Ken and his team do all of the work, the person who partners with Ken won’t have to do anything. 

When people enter into a direct partnership with Ken, they have to split some of the revenue that they get from their website with him, but Ken makes sure that their website grows. Many people, with a diverse range of websites that they wanted build, have partnered with Ken to get millions of people to visit websites and make them money.


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