Hope: Friend or Foe?

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(Newswire.net — April 7, 2015) Steyning, West Sussex — 


In a recent video published on Youtube, Andy Shaw has put the word “hope” into a whole new perspective, regards wanting a better future, saying: “Hope is one of those things that keeps you trapped, so you need to just focus on the present to ever actually make any significant change in your life. You see, the present is the only place you can actually create a future, so you must be there totally in order to change your future.”


The creatively made video has captured the spirit of Andy Shaw’s bug free mind system, with the UK entrepreneur saying: “Hope is you saying I don’t want to be here, I want to be there, so as you hope, you are actually taking yourself away from the one place that can indeed change your future. So if you desire something more from life, then don’t hope, give up hope, or all hope will be lost. Resolve to change yourself now or remind yourself in a years time to watch this video again. Maybe then your mind will able to recognise that hope really is the worst enemy, you’ll ever have, even though it may not be apparent right now.”


During the video, Andy has also explained why hope is actually one of the worst words in the world, and comparing it to being like a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing. He adds: “Give up hoping, and know you can just do it instead, by actually taking action. Live your life, get rich, see the world, and live the life you were born to live. There really is no need to just hope for it!”


Company spokesman for Andy Shaw’s “Creating A Bug Free Mind,” Peter Halm, says: “If you’ve had enough of just being stuck on hope, and really want to move your life forward at full speed right now, then you only need to begin reading the first 5 complementary chapters of “Creating A Bug Free Mind,” a thought structured process that has been tried and tested successfully by people from over 110 different countries, and very soon to be introduced into one of those country’s national education system.”


The official spokesman also said that it wasn’t Andy’s intention was not to put the dampers on those people who depend on hope to get by happily on a daily basis, as these people would already have the life they actually desired. He also said that Andy Shaw did actually send out daily messages of hope to all of his followers on Twitter, which he hoped would be the inspiration people needed to attain the life they desire.