Sentry360 Launches Anti-Kickstarter Campaign for Security Industry

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( — April 7, 2015) Plainfield, Illinois — Sentry360, an American manufacturer of advanced megapixel surveillance cameras for government and commercial markets, announced today its ambitious campaign of Launch AVIDD.  LAUNCH AVIDD’s mission is to connect the physical security industry with Sentry360’s next-generation products in a unique and meaningful way. 


Thomas Carnevale, Founder and CEO, explains, “We wanted to deliver a creative experience for users of video surveillance technology to see behind the curtain of the development process. Most manufacturers simply send out a press release and then put the new product into their catalog.  Sentry360 created Launch Avidd to find the best-of-the-best in our industry and offer them a free product to test and give us critical feedback on our first production run.”


Traditional Kickstarter campaigns appeal to investors by including them in the ground floor stages of a new product, company or idea.  These products need crowd-sourced money to fund the project and give investors an incentive to choose to invest their money. However, there are also great risks with these campaigns, as there is a good chance investor money could be lost if the inventor cannot deliver as promised.  Investors could also be held in a long, drawn-out holding pattern if there are delays in manufacturing.


The Launch AVIDD Campaign, located at, is different from traditional crowd-sourced campaigns.  Sentry360 has already funded the prototype phase as well as the debugging phase and now wants the first production run to be tested and examined by industry professionals.  Unlike traditional Kickstarter campaigns, Sentry360 is giving away the new product for free with only two conditions:  recipients must be qualified security industry professionals and meet Sentry360’s critieria; and the company or team must be willing to put the time into testing the product and offer real, contextual feedback.


During the course of the campaign, followers will get a first-hand look as Sentry360 individually breaks down the unique features, discusses the design philosophy and shares not only the testing procedures but challenges that were overcome in the design/development process.


To learn more about Sentry360’s next generation products, the benefits of becoming an “Explorer” and about the Launch Avidd Campaign, view the original story here:


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