Kempf Construction Clean-up Acquires Concrete Repair Service Business

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( — April 15, 2015)  — Kempf Construction Clean-Up, a Eugene, Oregon-based company offering efficient cleaning and hauling services for commercial and residential buildings in Lane County, Oregon has broaden its specialty area in the construction industry following its certification as a concrete repair specialist in Eugene, Oregon.


Kempf Construction Clean-Up has been providing reliable and quality services to their customers in Oregon for 11 years. It offers a daily or weekly clean-up of construction sites and hauling trash and debris of woods, metals, and other construction left-overs, ensuring that the buildings and houses are in immaculate condition ready for occupancy. 


As an advocate for a clean and healthy environment, Kempf Construction Clean-up ensures that all of the leftover materials picked from the construction sites are salvaged and recycled.


They also offer clean-up services to rental buildings to prepare the rooms for the next tenants as well as provide hot and cold pressure washing for roofs, walls, decks, driveways and walkways that have accumulated dirt. 


Apart from its clean-up services, Kempf Construction Clean-up now extends its magic touch in repairing concrete cracks whether on the ground, floor or walls. 


For customers who are planning to remodel their kitchen and bathroom, Kempf Construction Clean-up has a team of professional, licensed, and experienced staff who get the job done on time. “We do finish touches to make the home ready and when the client walks in happy, then we are happy too,” says Danny Kempf, owner of Kempf Construction Clean-Up. 


They assure customers of a high-quality workmanship from their pool of well experienced and competent service crews.

Danny Kempf quotes “At Kempf Construction Clean-Up, we promise satisfaction at a reasonable price and we deliver.” 


For more information about the company services, junk hauling rates and employment opportunity please visit their  website