New Bodi Microfiber Travel Towel Seen as Ideal Workout Assistant

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( — April 23, 2015) St. Saviours, UK — Workout enthusiasts are among those who have found the product useful in a number of ways.

With towels being essential items at gyms and spas while working out, the Bodi towel offers a number of features that appear to make it superior in design, durability and performance. To begin with, it is made from an advanced microfiber material, which is able to absorb seven to nine times its weight. It also has the ability to wring out 90 percent dry in a matter of seconds and can get fully dry in a much shorter time than conventional towels. As a result, it can be used continuously during a workout session.

Keeping fit through exercise, sports and other physical activities is recommended by health and nutrition specialists to prevent illnesses and maintain fitness. While there are various forms of workout practices, many people experience profuse sweating, especially when performing exercises geared towards losing weight or building muscles. A high quality towel that is able to remove sweat and other moisture is highly desirable for such purposes and a number of users of the Bodi microfiber travel towel have agreed that the product is helpful during their workout routines.

“It really works well in drying off after I shower at the gym or I use it to wipe sweat when I am working out or doing Zumba and it works perfectly. It does not end up feeling all slimy like some microfiber towels I have used for other things either. Overall it’s a good size towel, it dries quickly, is easy to wash and works well to dry off with,” said Bridget W. in a verified Amazon review.

Described as an ideal microfiber travel towel by many, the Bodi towel has a large size of 52” x 32” but folds up to a much smaller size that can fit into small handbags and suitcases. It is currently available on Amazon in a variety of colors and is backed by a money back guarantee.

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About Bodi Towel

The Bodi Microfiber Towel is an extra-large, super absorbent, quick dry towel perfect for travel, sports, beach, boats and other activities. Each Amazon customer receives a free breathable carrying case to store the towel or easily carry on the go. The purchase is backed by a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

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