Heavy-Duty Multi-Blade Stainless Steel Kitchen Gadget Available Online

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(Newswire.net — April 29, 2015) Purcellville, VA — A new, heavy-duty kitchen gadget has been released exclusively to Amazon for online shoppers.  Today, with the launch of the Jenaluca Stainless Steel Herb scissors, Americans are being empowered with a professional tool that allows efficiency in the kitchen.

The Jenaluca herb scissors features 5 blades at 3 inches that does the job of 10 chops with a knife.  The herb scissors helps to make mincing and chopping herbs and other food items much easier, to save time and energy spent in the kitchen. 

The premium stainless steel blades provide reliable results each time as they remain sharp for a long time.  According to the company, this unique kitchen gadget is the ideal tool for quickly whipping up some fun foods in the kitchen including pizza, casseroles, soup, deli meat sandwiches and salads. 

The 5-blade scissors is said to be suitable for chopping cilantro, mint, basil, chives, parsley, dill, chives as well as dried fruits, mushrooms, black fungus, onions and deli meat.  Jenaluca has also suggested that their multi-blade herb scissors can be used to shred paper for art and craft, fabric or any type of material. 

The Jenaluca Stainless Steel Herb Scissors features a TPR interior handle said to be more comfortable than silicone which makes it easy to use the scissors, even with for people with joint conditions.  This TPR material, the company said, is anti-abrasive, soft to touch, lightweight and recyclable.  It also includes a blade cleaner and cover that helps to remove food item from between the blades and protect blades during storage.

One Amazon customer of the Jenaluca kitchen gadget, Jeannie Cooper, expressed, “These herb scissors are amazing!  I highly recommend them.  While awkward at first because you don’t know what to expect, they are then easy to use and eliminate many steps in cooking such as a cutting board and dirty knife and the time it takes to chop your herbs.  These scissors do the work for you, they can be used right into the pan with the dish you are cooking!  Nice cuts and no waste, then a dip in the sink and washed quickly and come with a blade cover too.  They thought of everything and it worked so well for my spearmint leaves for my tea leaf ball.  I’m so glad to now have these scissors in my kitchen.”

In addition to increasing efficiency in the kitchen, this herb scissors helps to yield finely chopped herbs and vegetables with every use thus proving to be a professional kitchen gadget that just about anybody can use and appreciate.

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The company provides superior kitchen utensils and accessories specially its multipurpose kitchen shear 5 blades and cover with cleaning comb herb scissors stainless steel. Jenaluce stands behind all its product with a 100% unconditional lifetime guarantee.

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