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( — April 28, 2015) Huntington Beach, CA — According to Perry Belcher, web marketing expert, keeping your health as a top priority is non-negotiable if you expect to be successful. “Prioritizing your health through good diet, exercise and an ample amount of rest is something that successful people do,” says Belcher. “They do not make excuses; they make time to focus on their own well-being.”


In this regard, Belcher notes that there are several things that individuals can do, even when they are very busy, that will improve their health. Some of these things are relatively small and easy to incorporate into the average person’s day, even for someone who is busy running a company. According to information found at, there are simple methods for self-checking blood pressure that can be used almost anywhere for an immediate reading.


“Blood pressure level occasional increases due to anxiety, smoking, cool conditions, working out, drinking caffeinated drinks or taking specific medications,” notes Belcher. “While occasional spikes in blood pressure are not dangerous, a continual elevation of blood pressure levels can be detrimental to health.”


Belcher advises reading blood pressure after voiding the bladder and while sitting up in a relaxed position with the arm at heart level. This will give the most accurate reading. Sleeves should be rolled up but should not constrict the arm. A reliable blood pressure machine can then be used to spot-check the reading. This should be done at five-minute intervals twice or three times and the numbers averaged to get a reliable reading.


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