New Amulet Gift Set from Fortis Makes Ideal Baby Shower Gift

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( — May 8, 2015) Manalapan , NJ — Packaged in what has been described as a beautiful package, the set is seen as a suitable baby shower gift.

Wearing evil eye protection such as amulets, talismans and precious stones is an ancient practice. It is based on the belief that jealous or malicious onlookers, including people or animals, may bring about negative energy. Wearing suitable evil eye protection is believed to ward off the effects of evil eyes, thereby resulting in prosperity and good fortune. As it relates to babies, many parents believe that attaching an amulet to baby cribs or clothes is an effective way of warding off the evil eye. Additionally, suitable evil eye bracelets for babies are placed on baby carriers and clothing to help provide overall protection.

With baby showers being an accepted way of welcoming the birth of babies, the amulet set from Fortis has been highlighted by a number of online shoppers as an appropriate gift. “This is a great gift set. I have a friend that is expecting a baby and already has two children so she does not need a lot of baby items. She loves jewelry, so this was the perfect gift,” said a verified Amazon reviewer who used the name Southern Mom Reviews.

In addition to the baby bracelet and golden safety pin with evil eye charm, Fortis Production’s Amulet Gift Set also includes a red Kabbalah string of fate bracelet and a blue evil eye protection bracelet. The items are packaged in a stunning gold-colored box, which is said to make gift-wrapping easy.

People who are seeking appropriate evil eye bracelets for babies to be used as baby shower giftsor for other occasions, may consider the set, which is currently available on Amazon. All shoppers receive a bonus Kabbalah bracelet with each purchase.

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