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( — May 8, 2015) Costa Mesa, CA — Bomber Eyewear has been known for years as the makers of stylish and innovative sunglasses that are perfect for use in many active sports, particularly those centered on the water. However, what some customers do not realize is just how many safety features are built into each pair of sunglasses. Now, Tommy “the Bomber” Bonacci and his crew are focusing on spreading the message about the safety features available in all Bomber sunglass models.

“Bomber glasses are not just stylish; they are also built to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays as well as to be impact-resistant,” notes Bonacci. “We tailor our lenses to meet every indoor and outdoor need with our patented technology, and we ensure that all of our products meet the strictest safety standards.”

The Safety Line of shades features polycarbonate lenses that effectively block both UVA and UVB rays, protecting the eyes from the sun’s harmful radiation. Further, all lenses are guaranteed to meet ANSI Z87+ impact-resistant standards, making them safe to wear while participating in rugged sports. There are even bifocal options for vision enhancement that carry the same guarantee of safety.

The extreme lightweight comfort evidenced by the patented foam lining technology and flexible frames provide wind and glare protection as well as a barrier against debris, making Bomber Eyewear the right choice for all types of activities. For more information, see the company website at

About Bomber Eyewear: Tommy “the Bomber” Bonacci founded Bomber Eyewear back in 1997. The four-time World Champion Jet Ski Racer made his first pair of floating sunglasses from torn off pieces of foam padding from jet skis. Now, the family-run company uses its patented foam lining technology to offer water sports enthusiasts, fishermen and everyone in between eyewear that is comfortable, durable, stylish and able to float.


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