Kirk Cameron Playing Stonewall Jackson In ‘With Lee In Virginia’ Christian Audio Drama

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( — May 10, 2015)  — “Monumental” and “Fireproof” star Kirk Cameron will play Civil War general Stonewall Jackson in the upcoming Christian audio drama “With Lee In Virginia,” which is set during the “War Between The States” and is the third release from Heirloom Audio Productions and Executive Producer Bill Heid.

Cameron said he liked the project because it helps “people look biblically at the subject of slavery, and to understand that there were good and godly men on both sides of this war.”

“This audio adventure is going to give people a new perspective on an old story that is going to inspire young people to chase after character, first, as well as God’s understanding of how to bring down evil and lift up liberty,” said Cameron, who recently was named one of the Top 100 Christian leaders in America according to Newsmax.

This year is the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War. In fact, Jackson was killed in battle 152 years ago Sunday, May 10.

Heid founded Heirloom Audio out of a desire to put God back into history in the form of Hollywood-quality entertainment. Also starring in “With Lee In Virginia” is Cameron’s 12-year-old son, James Cameron, who plays the role of Will Upton. It is the first time the two Camerons have acted together. Coincidentally, Kirk Cameron also began acting around the age 12.

The new production also features Sean Astin (“Rudy,” “The Lord Of The Rings,” “The Goonies”) as Jeb Stuart; Chris Anthony (“Adventures In Odyssey”) as Robert E. Lee’s wife, Mary Lee; Kelsey Lansdowne (“Curious George” film) as Lucy, the story’s female love interest; and Andre Sogliuzzo (“Polar Express,” “Open Season 3”) as Robert E. Lee. Brian Blessed (“Star Wars: The Phantom Menace,” “Tarzan”) narrates the production.

Audio theater, Heid said, differs greatly from television in that “you’re actively participating in the story.” Heid calls the projects “audio movies.”

“You’re imagining what people look like, how they move and act, the setting that they’re in,” Heid said. “Children become the director, the costume creator, the sound technician, the set designer – fully engaged.”

The projects are a way to counter school textbooks, which Heid said have been scrubbed of references to God.

“What we’re trying to do is put Christian faith back into history,” Heid said. “History in our culture has been sterilized and secularized, with the faith of great men and women completely removed from textbooks. These projects are all about putting Christ back into history in a meaningful and exciting way.”

All of Heirloom Audio’s projects are based on real historical events and on G.A. Henty books. The first CD set, “Under Drake’s Flag,” recounted the adventures of 16th century sailor Sir Francis Drake, the first Englishman to circle the globe. It was nominated for two “Audies,” audio’s equivalent of the Academy Awards. The second CD set, “In Freedom’s Cause,” told the story of 14th century Scottish hero William Wallace and his fight for independence from England. World Magazine called it “gripping.”

The projects have been especially popular among homeschooling families, who view them as a way of making history fun. But the CD sets are now gaining wider audiences as a result of their pure entertainment value and all-star casts.

“In Freedom’s Cause” starred Golden Globe winner Joanne Froggatt (Anna Bates of “Downton Abbey”), Billy Boyd (Pippin of “The Lord Of The Rings”), Skandar Keynes (Edmund of “The Chronicles of Narnia” series), James Cosmo (Campbell, Father Christmas of “Braveheart” and “The Chronicles of Narnia,” respectively) and Blessed.

Homeschooling and curriculum expert Cathy Duffy has praised the projects.

“While other publishers have created outstanding audio recordings, both abridged and unabridged, the new presentations from Heirloom Audio are really something special,” Duffy wrote. “The script writers, the sound engineer, the actors, the creator of the musical score, and others involved in making these productions have been involved in major, critically-acclaimed productions, and their expertise shows! These are really top-notch, audio theater experiences as well as an entertaining way to learn some history.”

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