XRoads Networks Offers Solutions for the Banking Industry

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(Newswire.net — May 12, 2015) Irvine, CA — XRoads Networks, a unified bandwidth management company, now offers solutions for the banking industry. This specific area of focus for the banking sector is specifically targeted to regional banks and credit unions. XRoads Networks offers specific solutions for these types of businesses to ensure uptime for all banking customers with optimized Internet connectivity. This ensures connectivity for all branch offices. Credit unions and banks who wish to provide consumers with 24/7 access are fully utilizing this valuable service.

XRoads Networks has specially tailored these solutions for credit unions and regional banks. The company’s many customers include LA Financial Credit Union, MOCSE Credit Union, Beverly National Bank, Logix Banking, First National Bank, Sooper Credit Union, Sun West Bank, White Crown Credit Union and Wilshire State Bank.

The company’s special banking solutions work through an increase in WAN efficiency which both improves performance and reduces costs. XRoads Networks is able to ensure 24/7 uptime for all banking clients. The company’s EdgeXOS platforms are also able to provide a completely unified solution for remote branches. Clients who choose XRoads Networks will enjoy a network that stays up and running, even when there is a complete network outage. This means that Data Centers, ATM, Bank Branches and any other related operation will always work for consumers.

XRoads Networks also offers Unified Bandwidth Management as seen at http://xroadsnetworks.com/ubm/solutions/sol_index.xrn. This special platform offers dynamic bandwidth management, session bonding, site-to-site VPN virtualization and BGP optimization as seen at http://www.xroadsnetworks.com. This company can also provide traffic shaping as seen at http://xroadsnetworks.com/ubm/products/prod_index.xrn which helps clients prioritize and guarantee bandwidth for specific or business critical applications, even during periods of high usage. When clients or employees launch audio, video and software files it can slow down the network, causing delays for all. Banking and credit providers that have trouble with slow connections or dropped connections will not have to worry about it again with XRoads Networks’ many solutions for the banking industry.

About XRoads Networks: XRoads Networks offers bandwidth management and session acceleration through a variety of solutions. This company is considered a leading developer of enterprise class WAN optimization appliances which utilize Unified Bandwidth Management (UMB) technology. They are able to deliver reliable and secure bandwidth management as well as optimize to improve responsiveness, reliability and security.


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