The BBQ Shield Grill Mat Highlighted in Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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( — May 22, 2015) Louisville, KY — During warm spring and summer days, sharing a grilled meal with loved ones is a priceless experience.  Grilled food is preferred by many because it is usually very tasty.  Grilling can be an experience used for bonding with family and friends.  Small surveys have shown that men prefer grilling because of the element of danger involved, with the use of fire as well as the opportunity for hanging out with other males.  Many men who enjoy time with their families prefer to do these kind of activities, rather than cooking in the kitchen.

Women who grill prefer to do so without the thrill of danger.  With the availability of newly released barbecue accessories by companies such as BBQ Shield, more and more women have been pulling out their grills this spring.  As it comes to summer, this is expected to increase as Hearth, Patio Barbecue Association has reported that summer is the busiest time for grilling.  BBQ Shield has designed a set of grill mats which are sheets that protect grill grates while grilling.

For women, grill mats make grilling less scary and dangerous.  The BBQ Shield grill mats were specifically designed to allow grillers to slow cook their meals to eliminate easy charring and to prevent fire flare-ups.  When placed over grill grates, BBQ Shield Grill Mats act as a shield for preventing grease from food from dripping into open fire as well as preventing food from falling between the grates.  Additionally, they are 100% non-stick, allowing grillers to cook just about anything on their grates with ease.

My husband loves to grill, but so do I, the only thing that stops me is that I despise cleaning the grill! Now I dont have to!” said owner of From Downriver To Downright Country, Taryn. “Since receiving these I have put our grill to more work than ever. I dont have to worry about wasting foil, food falling through the cracks of the grill, no more food sticking, or making a mess and once I take them in to wash them they roll right up for easy storage. These mats are a dream, love them! I also enjoy using them on my George Foreman!” she continued.

To see this and other products featured in Taryns Mothers Day promotion, individuals can visit Perhaps like Taryn, any special lady who is a mother would want to use these BBQ Shield Grill Mats every time they grill. 

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BBQ Shield, sold by Paisley Road Products and fulfilled by improves the enjoyment of preparing grilled food. The non-stick surface prevents loss of food through the grates and reduced flare-ups which can burn the food.

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