Cafferata Family Petitions Board of Bedford Estates

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( — May 20, 2015) Adelaide, SOUTH AUSTRALIA — The Cafferata siblings are not letting up on their bid to retain the lease of 72 Ridgmount Gardens, London, and have recently submitted a petition to the Board of Bedford Estates to stop the eviction of their lifelong family friend.


The dwelling is currently occupied by 88 year old, Francis Devereux, who shared the accommodation with lifelong friend and primary tenant, Sylvia Cafferata. Devereux, an Alzheimer’s patient, was given an eviction notice by Bedford Estates following Sylvia’s death. However, Mrs. Cafferata’s children, Derek and Joan are fighting tooth and nail to get their mother’s friend to remain in the home.

Official statistics show that the price of London property values have quadrupled over the last 3 years. The siblings are convinced that money and greed are fuelling the eviction as Bedford Estates want market rent and not the current rent governed by the Fair Rent Act of 1977.

The Cafferata’s have made a petition on the basis that London County Freehold Properties Ltd. allowed the heirs to successors the lease through the payment of a premium at the origination of the lease. In their petition dated, May 7th, the siblings also raised concerns about the conduct of Bedford Estate’s management team. The Mayor of London, The Leader of the Opposition, The GLA Representative for the Camden Borough, and the Chairs of the GLA Housing, Police and Crime were copied on the petition.

When asked what they expect to achieve from making a petition to the Board of Bedford Estates, one of the siblings, Derek Cafferata, said: “We understand that tensions are high on both sides and we want to resolve the situation as amicably as possible. Therefore we are willing to enter into mediation to ensure this issue is resolved once and for all.”

If Bedford Estates consents to mediation, Martin L. King, Chairman of Rainbow Push, has agreed to act on behalf of the Cafferata Family.

Many may wonder why the siblings are willing to battle it out for a woman who is not even a blood relative. To this Derek said: “Ms. Devereux may not be family but we have known her for almost all of our lives. She was very dear to our mother and she holds a special place in our hearts too.”

He further added, “The fact that she is afflicted with Alzheimer’s has made us even more resolute to challenge the eviction to the end with the hope of a favorable outcome. The last thing we want to see is our Mother’s friend becoming homeless and a ward of Camden Council.”

In closing readers are asked to remember Francis in their prayers, and show your support by registering at

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