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( — May 21, 2015) Houston, TEXAS — Pest control and green have not been traditionally associated terms. DIY Pest Control Power changes this with its heightened focus on green solutions. Now available via the “Green Stuff” section on its website, these products are effective, safe to use at home, and are environmentally responsible. They include natural botanical insecticides that work just as well as traditional industry-standard insecticides.

In fact, DIY plans to expand its Green Stuff selections over the next year. Green products in the insecticide arena are becoming more available. Some are especially effective and customers will have even better access to reliable and safe insect control products. Residential customers will therefore have easier access to these and be able to control pest issues on their own.

Some of the environmentally responsible products currently available on the company’s website include:

  • Eco PCO wP-X: The wettable powder insecticide has natural, botanical ingredients. It has little impact on the environment but is as effective at controlling insect populations as industry standard products. Suited for use indoors and outdoors, it also offers broad spectrum control. The product is long-lasting, non-staining, and offers a fresh scent. Applications are unscented when it’s diluted. The product is ideal for use on general surfaces, single spots, or in cracks and crevices.
  • Essentria General Household Spray: This is a simple spray consisting of 1.5% Rosemary Oil and 1.5% Peppermint. Killing flying and crawling insects, it is indicated for use in residential and commercial buildings plus in trucks, aircraft, rail cars, marine vessels and other modes of transport. The product sprays on areas where insects are usually seen. Best of all, it is safe to use around pets.
  • MotherEarth Contact Aerosol: A botanical insecticide called pyrethrins is the active ingredient, which has been proven to be highly effective. This pet-safe product is sprayed in cracks, crevices, and any other space where insects can live, hide, breed, or nest. The active ingredient is derived from chrysanthemum flowers and has been used for centuries.

Carl of DIY Pest Control Power said, “We are committed to supplying residents and businesses with safe pest control products they can use themselves. The days of pesticides being harmful to health and the environment are gone. Newer solutions use natural, proven ingredients already found in nature. Our online store has these in stock, and we plan to expand this product line in the coming year.”

For more information on Eco PCO wP-X, Essentria General Household Spray, and MotherEarth Contact Aerosol, among DIY’s many other green pesticide products, go to

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Calvin of DIY Pest Control Power said, “We are not like traditional exterminators ready to blast everything in their way with antiquated pesticides and chemicals. Combining technology and customer service, we are enablers.

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