New Service Stops Negative Reviews From Harming Your Business

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( — August 20, 2015) Stamford, CT – (RSB), the online reputation firm that works with leading medical, legal, and multi-unit local businesses nationally, based in Stamford, CT, announced a new reputation marketing service today designed to help businesses handle their negative reviews and turn them into a positive.  It is designed to encourage more companies to focus on their reputation management in light of this month’s new changes by Google local search, putting more emphasis on 5-Star reviews and ratings.


“Even the best business or medical practice can get a negative review.” says Richard Roll, founder and CEO of  “The only question is, are you aware of bad reviews when they happen, and what do you do to cushion and turnaround those negative reviews?”


Roll cited a case study involving a large Florida medical practice client. The RSB 24/7 online monitoring service picked up a new 1-Star review posted on Yelp! and automatically notified the practice manager. The review claimed that the doctor had been unethical, using sexually inappropriate language and being highly insensitive with regard to domestic violence. Upon leaving a complaint at the offices, the patient was told that the issue would be researched, but that she had most likely misheard or misunderstood.  Additionally, the female staffer who took the complaint stated that many of the patients were “old ladies.” To make the problem worse, the patient was given conflicting aftercare information and felt dismissed and unheard after querying on this. The review then went on to state that there had been errors in billing that were all but impossible to resolve.


But thanks to the ReadySetBoom monitoring service and client coaching, the medical practice manager was alerted immediately about the negative review and was able to contact the patient, listen to her complaints, and take corrective action.  As a result, she posted a second review, which was a four star review, highlighting how happy she now felt since her issues had been resolved.


The core program for ReadySetBoom’s clients is focused on building a 5-star reputation culture through Reputation Marketing. Clients receive an easy to use proprietary platform to obtain customer reviews, goal-setting and monthly report, as well as live instant review notifications, video reviews, in-office tablet app, and automatic streaming of positive reviews to social media. These tools also help customers with strategies to handle negative reviews, thereby ensuring they do not have a negative impact on the business as a whole.


A number of recent surveys highlight the importance of online reviews in today’s local marketplace online. Today, fully 90% of people read online reviews first before deciding to spend at a business. Additionally, consumers who submit reviews are more likely to leave a positive review (90%), than a negative one (10%). It was also found that 79.6% of those leaving a negative review would consider changing their review if a manager in the company contacted them to try and resolve the problem (36.9%), if a staff member contacted them (23.7%), or if the issue could be corrected via email or telephone (19.1%). 63.2% of people leave online reviews within two days of purchase, and 22.4% leave it the same day. This points out the importance of instant alerts.


“These statistics show the importance of a steady stream of good reviews to the success and growth of a business,” adds Richard Roll. “Where we help our clients is to make sure that these statistics start to work in their favor, building their business through a great online reputation.”


For further information on negative reviews management or to schedule a strategy consultation with no cost or obligation, contact RSB today at or by calling 203-253-7077.


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