Hotels Self Bed Bug Heat Treatments Shown to Save Time and Money

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( — June 4, 2015) Prescott, Arizona — Hotels and motels which are grappling with the bedbugs menace now have a partner who is determined to see that this problem is eliminated once and for all. Convectex , a pest control equipment sales company is offering hotels and motels the opportunity to do heat treatments to eradicate bed bugs without the high cost of using pest control services. With this equipment, the facilities do not have to rely on second parties to carry out the exercise; they can comfortable do it on their own as explained by the company spokesperson.

Customized Heat Packages are the way to go for hotels and motels these days, said Ron Ketner of Convectex. “Hotels and motels now have the capacity to deal with the bed bug menace permanently and the whole process can be done internally without having to rely on pest exterminators,” added Ron

Training on use of the equipment

Apart from providing state of the art equipment, Convectex will provide the customer with the training you need to effectively use the equipment and get rid of the bedbug menace. Armed with the equipment and training, it will be easy to kill all life stages of Cimex Lectularius (bed bugs). This will also help in saving hundreds of dollars

Solving the bed bug problem once and for all

“With Convectex’s cutting edge equipment and vast knowledge of bedbugs and pest control, you can immediately solve your bed bug problem without the scheduling hassle and budgeting nightmare of dealing with a 2nd party,” said the company representative. He continued to say that the equipment have been found to be very effective and at the same time very safe to the environment. “The hotel and motel owners do not have to resort to the use of chemicals which are not only dangerous when they are inhaled, but also harm the environment in the long run,”added the company spokesperson. With use of Convectex cutting edge equipment, customers are contributing to environment conservation as they are not using products which lead to pollution.

Saving money

Convectex has combined the science of thermal convection and years of experience in pest control to provide you with products that you can count on to manage Bed Bugs effectively.  Convectex heaters and air movers are designed in America, the equipment are safe, light, and easy to use yet durable and powerful. Buying the equipment from Convectex according to the company representative helps the motels to save money, this is due to the reason that they are offered for sale at an affordable price.

About Convectex

Convectex is an environmentally friendly pest control equipment sales company located in Phoenix and Prescott, AZ. They offer solutions for hotel and motel and apartment complexes to self exterminate bed bugs nationwide. The company offers several different heat treatment equipment packages to handle both large and small properties. Convectex offers free training with purchase of their equipment on site and in the company offices.


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